We know your exams are right at the corner. Honestly, knowing the Sindh Board background some of you have been studying all year long and may have covered your syllabus by now, while others would be chilling and waiting for this particular last moment to study from important papers.

The significance of Important paper is known to all and cannot be overly emphasized.  Studying from important papers have always been all time favorite technique of a student to clear the exams. As it can help save time, manage to remember key term topics/areas and let students prepare for their paper at the last minute.  

Those who are waiting for important questions to be issued should be happy because M.I.A is issuing its important questions for the Year of 2018-2019 for both First year and Second-year Students of Science group.  

For those of you who are in Inter, can download these important paper for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics for the year of 2018-19 from our website.

Some of the importance of studying with the important paper are as follows:

  • Those of you who have studied all year long may still not be able to know what is examiner expecting can get acquainted with Exam style.
  • Gives you time to do revision a lot in a relevant direction.
  • Facilitate you to understand the paper pattern and paper scheme. This will help in managing time better.
  • Helps you to fill the knowledge gaps in your topics.

NOTE: To secure 100% marks in any subject, a student has to do a collective effort. Completely relying on any guess paper do not guarantee success. Students must realize those important papers/past papers is one of the ways to prepare for the examinations. It is known that no educational platform presents 100% accuracy of their guess papers. It is generally observed that our board examiners make changes in paper scheme every year. That is why it is always better to practice all questions of previous years examinations so that your syllabus is covered to a great extent and reinforcement of your knowledge is completed.  

To download our important questions for the year of 2018-19. Please fill the form:

We wish you all the best in your upcoming examinations.

We envision a nursery which transforms an intermediate student into a successful candidate who is ready secure a position in the top notch institutes around the globe.

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