13 Steps For Securing Good Grades In Pre Medical Examination

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Biology is a subject that attracts people who are close to nature. It is a mandatory course that teaches till 8 grade.

Every student has to take it, some find it hard and challenging, but some find it quite interesting that they choose it as their career path.

Learning biology is challenging; some people might find it tricky and confusing with so many confusing terminologies.

Before you can understand more complicated biological principles and processes, you must understand the basics.

Below we’ll discuss validated tips and techniques for enhancing your ability to research and understand biology.

#1 Love the subject:

People who choose biology must love it too.

If you don’t like what you have chosen for yourself, you won’t be able to concentrate.

Every time you sit to study, you will regret your decision, and you’ll get bored with it quickly.

Your mind will distract on its own. Therefore, it is important to go for the niche you loved most.

When you love a particular thing, you will naturally be enthusiastic about it.

So choose what you love. If you select intermediate pre medical because of your parent’s pressure, but you like math’s more and willing to go in intermediate pre-engineering, you will regret it in the future.

Choosing a career is one of the hardest choices which any student can make.

The main thing is to understand what it takes to get into a dream career.

For several students with the vision of becoming a physician, the majority see only the title at its base value. So everyone has their own opinions and their zone of interest.

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#2 Go for concept instead of learning:

Learning and memorizing is acceptable in history and economics, but it doesn’t work in inter/Fsc Biology.

Of course, you will learn in it too, but after understanding the concept.

Clearing the concept is more important than learning.

When you pressure your brain to memorize a specific thing, it will slip out of your memory faster, but when you understand the particular thing and then learn, it will be stored in your brain ram longer than you can imagine.

Biology is a cumulative learning process. Every concept is different from others but has some previous knowledge in it.

Biology needs some hand-on experimentation and exploration in a laboratory.

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#3 Focus on Experiments:

Students usually enjoy science labs as they visit the Lab once a week.

They get excited looking at all the equipment in the laboratory and roam around.

Students mostly take lab classes lightly and fool around in it as fascinated by all frog’s skeleton and other preserved animals in Lab.

We must concentrate on the live physical experiment instead of fooling around in the laboratory.

In Sindh and Punjab Board Examination, practical exams consist of 20 marks and 20 marks makes a lot of difference in any student’s mark sheet.

Never take lab classes lightly and be serious in Practical.

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#4 Go from general to specific:

There are many things to learn in biology, so students sometimes get confused about where to start.

As mentioned above, biology is a cumulative subject; it needs understanding, and for learning new big things first, you need to know the general things about it.

One of the keys to successful learning in biology is to master general concepts before addressing difficult and specific ones.

for instance, if you are learning the krebs cycle for that you need to understand the basic animal cell structure.

Study each biological concept before moving forward to the next level.

#5 Use of flashcards:

Biology has many complicated terminologies, especially the botany part.

Botany has many confusing names, so use the flashcard technique in which you write the terminology on one side, and another write its meaning or what it defines.

Make this a game you’ll enjoy in this way.

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#6 Use of Highlighter and sticky notes:

Your botany and zoology textbook is thick and dense, so when in the end you’ll look for the essential things in that book, you’ll have to reread it the whole thing.

So use a highlighter to highlight the important parts and basic concepts.

This way, you can learn faster. When you open your book and see the highlighted section. And one more thing uses different colors of highlighter.

For example, for the most important part, use pink and for less important parts, highlight it with yellow and then other things with blue.

This technique is very useful for learning and memorizing.

#7 make your own notes:

Everyone understands their own words more than others.

So if you use your words to learn things, you will learn faster.

Make your notes in which you summarize the whole concept, and in those notes, make diagrams, flow charts, drawing anything that you think will make you memorize faster.

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#8 study from the Past paper:

There are many Intermediate Past papers on the internet and in the market but go for the authentic past papers, which gives you the exact prediction of what will come in upcoming exams.

Studying from the past paper is an essential part of learning; it will help you keep the revision focused on essential points and themes and will predict the Exam-style.

Past papers are like the most helpful tool for any student; it gives an insight into the forthcoming exams. But never be solely dependent on it.

#9 Manage your time:

Sindh Board and Punjab board examinations are lengthy, so slow writer needs to pace up their speed accordingly.

They need to practice at home and try to manage the time.

Time management is one of the basic things we do in all our planning, and it matters the most.  In exams, we need to manage our time by dividing our time in the most useful ways.

For example, we make a schedule and assign time to subject according to how difficult it is.

For example, math needs more time than others, that’s what people think, but once you understand the concept, it’s all done.

Science and other subjects like history need learning, so give more time to it. some people are good at learning instead of conceptual learning so that it might depend on themselves.

Please keep track of every subject and plan accordingly to it.

#10 self-testing:

This is a helpful technique. When you say out things allowed or are once done to give tests, you become confident in that specific thing.

This is a reliable, proven learning technique. You can test yourself or, if possible, take the help of siblings or friends. Use the help of those flashcards. You can get someone else to quiz you.

You can test yourself by remembering what you were learning or explaining it aloud to yourself or to someone prepared to listen.

You can get friends to quiz you. One of the benefits is that you can get immediate feedback on whether you are right or wrong.

#11 Revise from time to time:

If you follow all the steps but don’t revise it from time to time, everything will go in vain.

Revising is very important; It should be done twice a week or at least once a week.

Take some time out to recall all the previous things you learned.

The process of revising is boring, and sometimes you might think it is unnecessary to revise as you remember all of it.

Never be confident over it till exams about it and revise the previous things whenever you get time.

#12 initiate Group Studies:

Knowledge is gain more when you spread it with others.

When Studying for exams, Group studying is important and beneficial for student and it is highly recommended to do the group study.

Invite your friends over and relax a bit because when friends are around no one can fully concentrate on study.

You can’t study seriously among friends but you can help each other in the clearing concept. This way everybody will be in advantage their concept will be clearer.

Remember it’s not a social event so don’t ruin the study time and try to stay focus.

#13 Take help from internet:

Your professor can not always be available 24/7 to help you.

Its 21st century where everything is so easy and accessible for all.

In Pakistan, students struggle for good coaching centers and face many problems like internet issues, conveyance problems, and many others.

My inter academy is Pakistan’s most beloved E-learning platform which is designed to make students’ life easy.

The best thing about it is available 24/7 and has more than 2000+ Recorded Lecture of Sindh and Punjab board by experts Teacher to enhance the learning experience.

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