Will Gamification Lead To Better Understanding Of Physics?

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Is Learning Physics Is tough?

Nowadays Intermediate Physics is a subject that often gives students many headaches as it includes complex Experiment and Derivation. When we were going for discovering respond in due order regarding “Why?”, we found  Factor that makes Physics extreme for understudies. The major factor among them is Visualization about Physics Facts.




As we are discussing Visualization in Physics,  firstly we have to discuss visualization to clear the minds of the audience

  • What is Visualization?


In short, Visualization is the graphical display of information. The purpose of this graphical display is to provide the viewer with a visual means of processing the information.


  • As an Educational Point of view:


The purpose of any visualization to be used in an educational context is to facilitate the learning of some knowledge (idea, concept, fact, algorithm, relationship, …). In order to accomplish this, a visualization must make connections between knowledge the learner has and the knowledge being taught.

Especially when we talk about Physics. Visualization plays an important part to understand Physic. Because Mostly Physics Concept Wants Visualization. Let us take an example Topic “Law Of Conservation Of Momentum” when teachers teach this topic many among them pass through only with theory and remaining teacher, which try to visualized with 2D Images l which is not enough to visualize for the Student. According to many Research 2D visual is not enough for the student to Visualized many facts. In 3D era When every next thing is converting into 3D


(Such as Movies, game, Animation. According to many Research 2D visual is not enough for the student to Visualize many facts. In a 3D era When every next thing is converted into 3D (Such as Movies, Game, Animation. . . . ) So this is not cool enough for the student to learn with 2D visual.


But wait! Is this workable for an educator to Visualize all Concept of Physics in 3D?

In constrained Resources this is Hard for an educator to the Visualization Concept of Physic to their Student, so the answer is clearly no. So here is a link for Solution( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LP.PhysicsGames&hl=en), here we try to counter this problem here we add many topics with totally 3D visuals.

Environment :

Now Coming to Our next problem which is the environment. Yes According to many new Research environments creates a major effect on Learning, and when we talk about Physics this is really difficult for any educator to develop a Good and interactive Environment which makes the student happy to learn. Especially when we talk about Rural Areas this Surely very Hard for any educator. Because with Limited Resources this very difficult task for many educators to Develop Environment. That’s why Physic looks tough to the Student.

In-Play Physic (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LP.PhysicsGames&hl=en  )) we also Countered this issue in this Application as well with Just develop totally Gaming and Interactive Environment for all Physics. In this Application, we especially focus on Environment for developing Interest and attraction of Student toward this App, after this Students can enjoy Physics not Enjoy they also learned Physics with gaming Environment and 3D visualization.


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