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3 reasons why you should use past papers for ECAT, MDCAT preparation

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ECAT & MDCAT examinations and preparations are a chore”

Consider this as a word of wisdom from your Ol’ and wise university senpai, who knows how the world works.

There are several reasons why I am calling the aptitude season a chore, and for my fellow ECAT | MDCAT aspirants these reasons will become apparent in the future.

The first primary reason as to why aptitude preparation is a headache is because of the examination format.

As we all know that ECAT examination is an MCQ-based affair that can be a double-edged sword.

You either gain everything or lose everything, so it is a huge gamble if you are not prepared well.

Whether you admit it or not the reason why thousands of students fail their aptitude exam is due to the method which we utilize to prepare for our intermediate papers which is rote learning also known as ratification.

Meanwhile, both the ECAT and MDCAT preparatory courses have a more conceptual approach to learning.

In short the method that we used to prepare for our aptitude exam is certainly not the most effective one.

So the question still stands what exactly is the most effective method for free ECAT preparation?

The answer to this question is of course “THE HISTORICAL DOCUMENT” also known as the Past Papers.

The past papers are a very commonly used medium of preparation for intermediate exams, so why don’t student use it for their ECAT, BCAT and MDCAT preparation?

That is because of the lack of consistency, not all university exam are the same.

Every university has its own separate model of question and aptitude examination pattern that they follow.

Because of this many students choose to ignore the past papers as it takes time to get used to the different aptitude test patterns.

We will not discuss the cons any further as this is a whole different topic that will be covered in another article.

So without further ado here are 5 reasons as to why you have to use past papers for ECAT preparation

Reason 1: past papers are a budget solution

Aptitude preparation courses are expensive, with top tier institutes fee ranging from somewhere around 20,000 to 30,000 Rs.

This amount of money is not easy to come by.

As the course value is nearly equal to the per capita income of Pakistani household.

Especially counting the financial situations during COVID-19 times, where many students are forced to earn their own living.

And gathering this much cash for a single course that is only based in MCQ’s is simply not worth it.

That is where the past papers spring into action.

For just measly 500 rs students can get a physical guide for aptitude preparation which will not only include the past papers question you are looking for, but it will also label the university for which you are studying for. 

If you want to be more stingy with your money than you can get these guide for free from online platforms, but be careful as online guide’s tend to be less accurate, hence they are not suited for complete preparation.

Reason 2: Past papers complements online aptitude preparation. 

Aptitude exams are far more serious affair as compared to your board examinations. 

Different paper pattern and unexpected outcome’s requires a serious effort from the students.

Therefore, if you are considering to prepare with YouTube, or any other online institute.

Then past papers will complement your Aptitude preparation really well.

They will provide you extensive support by complimenting the video solutions.

Which you can practice through the papers easily, creating an ultimate preparation nexus for ECAT, MDCAT and BCAT examinations.

Reason 3:- Past papers are time savers

On the go quick preparation the past papers can give you a sense of what could come in real life examinations.

Along with much-needed time relief, especially if you are a working class student, and you do not have enough time to left to spend on your studies.

Then all you have to do is just open the past papers and start practicing, and you will get it, that is the formula for success in your ECAT, MDCAT or BCAT exams.


These short advices might look insignificant to you. 

But these are exactly the things I did to clear my entrance examinations.

Being a working class student on a budget and lacking time. 

The past papers played an extremely important role in aptitude test examinations. 

I got my past papers online for free from My Inter Academy.

Align with their 7-day trial which was like an expensive topping on an already delicious ice cream.

If you are facing in a difficult situation similar mine. Then visit my inter academy today and claim your past paper along with a 7-day free trial


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