3 Simple Steps To Make Self Studying Fun

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There are many fabulous things that come to your mind when you think about something fun to do. Like Skydiving, catching flies, hunting zombies, or if you are a loner like myself than you are creating weird fantastical “what if?” scenarios within your mind and then getting butt hurt with your life when you realize that those scenarios can never come true,… “Ouch !”. (online, intermediate, past papers)

Studying is the last thing that comes to our mind whenever we think about something fun, and this is something that we have to do as it is an important aspect of our life.

But!!!! The question still stands, is studying fun?

Well… ill be honest with you over here, there is no way that your studies can always be fun, After all, there is a part of learning process where you have to go through challenging problems and situations which can be quite taxing, this is especially true for Intermediate and FSc students.

Inter/FSc level education in Pakistan can be extremely demanding with an average passing rate of just 48%. It is seriously an uphill battle for all students just to stand on the winning side. So despite all these factors how can we change this, how can we make our studies fun and engaging?

Let us view this problem with a different perspective, instead of making education less boring let’s try making it simpler instead, this is what we are going to talk about in this article.

A Revolutionary Perspective 



First and foremost if you want to make studying fun for yourself you need to change the method of learning. The way you are currently studying right now is simply ridiculous.

Traveling to college and coaching centers cost money and time. Even after spending 8-9 hours a day along with hundreds and thousands of hard-earned cash, you still have to set aside 1-2 hours for extra studying.

All this effort for Just to achieve 60% marks in your examination? And by the end of the day, your effort is reduced to dust by the taunting of parents and other adults alike, even after achieving a passing grade.

Is that fair?… no, it’s not! But what if I tell you that you can all change this make it simpler, you can now easily slash your studying time from 9 hours to just 6 hours and reduce your cost in half. 

In order to do this, you have to open your eyes, and instead of just moving with a simple mindset of joining a coaching center or hiring a tuition instructor, get help from the technology around you.

With the ever-growing internet community, it has now become a popular and successful trend to learn online, through an E-learning platform, where you can find qualified teachers teaching multiple subjects with the help of innovative ideas and techniques. 

It is not far fetched to say that these guys on the internet are bending the rules of education, by making it accessible, but most importantly affordable.

Therefore instead of working hard by learning hard, you should start learning smart by joining these platform either for a small annual fee or go for youtube, where there is an excellent learning environment as there are multiple teachers with different and innovative teaching styles, you can learn from them for free.   

The online platform arent just beneficial for time management and cost-effectiveness, you can also have fun while studying so this takes us to our point number two which is:-

Fun And Engagement


In order to have fun while studying, you have to gain interest within the topic that you are tackling, and let’s face it!… this type of interest could never be generated within our classroom where plain and boring lectures are being utilized in order to teach complex topics which require a great deal of imagination, this just makes studies more repulsive.

That’s where online platforms fit the best, the teachers on online platforms are different. They are masters of innovation and know-how to gain the interest of the students. So what is the trick utilized by these teachers?

In order to make studying less repulsive, these teachers start slowly. Instead of directly diving into minute details of the topics they instead take students through the exciting facts related to the topics first, nobody reads the history of middle earth first instead they directly start from the lord of the rings books or movies at least, because of this there are many people who are unable to comprehend the events within the movies, hence mindlessly stating that its a boring franchise.

Similar is the case with your teachers, instead of telling you the interesting facts about workforce and energy, or S-block elements, they will directly dive into the details of the topic. 

Only the best teachers realize this situation and try their level best to start from the very beginning, have some fun, and introduce fun facts along with very necessary knowledge.

This is how teachers on the online platform operate and gain millions of views on every video, they have got all the time in the world to prepare their lessons and they make their lessons fun and engaging by adding animations, simulations, doing stupid things to grab the attention of the students.

So why not give a chance to these smart workers instead? 

Growth-Oriented Mindset


Another important advice that will make you interested in anything you study is to adopt a growth mindset.

According to a famous phycologist Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset The New Phycology of Success”, which compares people with a fixed mindset, those people who think that talent and luck are the paths to success, with the people of growth-oriented mindset, those who believe that anything can be changed and improved upon.

Therefore the mindset you have determines how much you are interested in your studies, and this growth mindset can only be bestowed upon you by an instructor who depends upon innovative ideas in order to impart the complete potential of his knowledge, But the problem still stands. Where can students find such instructors? And the answer is the obvious, “the internet”.

Therefore bend the rules of learning, instead of just following the traditional path try the one that you enjoy the most, this will, in turn, make your studies easy and simplified.

This should be your mindset if you keep following this, you will notice that your studies across all subjects are becoming interesting and engaging.

Studying With A Partner


Finding a partner can make your studies a lot easier, but this type of studies can prove to be a double-edged sword as your partners can easily distract you from your studies, and I have experienced this a lot, during our important lessons me and my friends have spent hours hunting down vampires in Castlevania but once you get to the point of serious studying you can easily steamroll through all the difficult concepts.


Gamification A New Possibility


freiza games myinteracademy


Games are amazing, I love games very much, you might have gotten this idea already while reading this article, but can games be associated with studies? In fact, this is not a distant possibility anymore, with the availability of better technology, developing application does not require massive amounts of resources, a single person with a low-end laptop now has the ability to develop an application that can be accessed by millions of users worldwide, as a result, you are now surrounded by millions of third-party applications that you can access with the push of a button. 

Therefore there are also applications that can help you in your studies, For example, a few days ago I was facing a problem in organic chemistry and decided to search for applications related to it on google play, I came across an application known as The Molecule Kit developed MyInterAcademy it was a fabulous find that contained the bonding structure of different carbon-containing compounds.

Similarly there also applications present for biology, physics and many other subjects that can make studies more interesting than before.

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