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5 Best Exam Techniques For Inter/FSc Mathematics Students

July 14, 2020 5:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Hello everyone, it seems you guys are desperately searching for methods to pass your intermediate examinations, and by gully, by jingo, you have come to the right place. As a former intermediate student and an aspiring engineer, I truly understand your plights that you are going through, with over 23 chapters to tackle and 240 hours of lectures to attend. While covering the other back-breaking subjects of physics and chemistry and complex examination techniques to remember. It is easily understandable why the failing ratios of Intermediate and FSc students are skyrocketing in recent years.

So to reduce those failing and help you guys pass your examination here are 5 best exam techniques for inter/FSc mathematics students.

There is a lot that we can cover here guys so we are going divide our methods into three distinct phases which are number 1 leading up to the exams, 2 days before the exams and 3 while doing the actual exam, so let’s jump into it, the first thing that you need to do is:



Let me be clear I am not talking about any physical exercise, what I am talking about is a mathematical exercise, because mathematics is all about practice, and exercises are extremely easy and accessible nowadays, no matter how many exercises, teacher allots you all you have to do is double that amount, because the more work you do right now the less work you have to do before the exam, and after doing so much practice you will gain the right to spend your night before exam rewatching your favorite drama or creating a new fortress in Minecraft, the choice is all yours.

What if you have done all this work practicing different exercises and you are doing it wrong?

Maths is not just about practicing it is about practicing the right way, and by the right way I am talking about the method that your teachers are using to solve their questions, or just find a way to get the right answers, and if you are facing such problem then all you have to do is refer to your book as your book has examples where the solution is shown so just solve your questions accordingly and if you are still facing problem then go to youtube, where you can find amazing instructors who will teach you in your local language unless you are a student of advance mathematics algebra or trigonometry… well at that point you are probably screwed if such a situation arises then…

join an online platform!

Come on guys it’s an ERA of internet and with college and coaching center not up to the mark than go online, there are many platforms on the internet designed for intermediate students, where you can get the best-dedicated coaching experience, with doting teachers, amazing interactive lectures with the ability to visualize the difficult topics with the help of animations.

Just click on the massive search box in your respective browser and type “Online Intermediate Coaching” and google will respond to your request….. Enjoy your exploration!

And if you have solved your questions correctly but are still unsure of your just go to it is maths majors not so secret….. secret website where you just have to put in your questions and you will get an instant answer.

What if your exams are tomorrow what do you do!??

For those people who have their exams tomorrow and are searching for study solutions on the internet… I have got them covered. But the preparation tips that I have given you above are a bit late and you cannot apply them in a single day so all you have to do is get down on your knees and pray to the gods of mathematics for a passing grade! 🙂

Nahhh….Just kidding! Listen, guys, mathematics is probably one and only subject which allows us to prepare for it just before exams as it is only comprised of numericals, therefore, completely lacking a theoretical aspect. So in order to prepare for it, all you have to do is to stop panicking leave everything and sit down with your past paper textbook and start solving those papers and use google to confirm your solution that whether it is right or wrong, just keep going at those paper and just do it enough time so that you memorize all the steps, and fill your head with mathematical formulas.

And Believe me guys it will work, as I have seen 90% of teachers being lazy and giving the students the same test over and over again, There have been countless moments where I have aced my mathematics exams just like this.

This blitzkrieg method always seems to work as it not only makes you familiar with your future tests but also hardens your basic concepts.

What if the examiner gives a totally different question in the examinations?

“Basic concepts” remember? With all the work and drill that you have performed the day before or leading up to the exam will make you a hardened veteran, and no matter what the question is or how twisted it is the basic concepts that you learned through hard practice will always come in handy as the fundamental method for solution for any mathematics problem always remains the same, and this might be true for the students of Punjab board buts Sindh board students can easily choose to avoid this particular advice as Sindh board examiners are even lazier than the sloths themselves, as their paper pattern rarely changes, therefore those students can prepare for their examinations solely from the past papers.

So that will be it for today’s lesson and if you are willing to follow these techniques then I am a hundred percent sure that you will surely do great in your examinations, otherwise, you also have a luxurious option of wasting your time in PUBG or Steam lobby and then trying for the Plan B that is the blitzkrieg Plan….. And to be honest I am more of a Plan B type person.

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