5 ECAT Preparation Tips You Should Not Miss Out

5 ECAT Preparation Tips You Should Not Miss Out

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It has been a tumultuous year for the students who are preparing for their ECAT examinations, plagued with constant delays and disruption of rushing adrenaline has caused the student morale to tank deeply.

After facing such a situation it is understandable as to why students are facing difficulties in continuing their momentum for the upcoming ECAT 2021 examination.

That is why to not let your ECAT preparation go to waste you should follow these tips to keep your sanity and studies in check.


  • Getting enough sleep to keep your brain tinkering

The current lockdown has given students an ample opportunity to sleep and that is indeed a good thing, but do try to sleep according to your biological clock, which includes sleeping at night and waking up in the morning to live out a purposeful life. 

This will not only keep your metabolism straight but it will also tinker your brain towards new heights of intelligence, and of course, keep you motivated for your studies as well.

Proper and timely sleep is a great stimulant for knowledge gathering, and in this ongoing lockdown where you do not have to do anything significant you can easily enjoy your life, watch movies, play games, and of course conducting the most productive task of studying as well.

This will not only keep you on your toes but it will also help you maintain morale and excitement for the upcoming ECAT examinations.

  • Keep warming up and keep practicing.

You’ve already spent approximately 12-25k on your ECAT preparation. Do not let that go to waste. 

Keep practicing, by revising your notes, and past papers

Because the more you know the better you will fare in your upcoming tests. 

Especially practice the general knowledge part, because it is severely underestimated by the students. 

You probably can easily clear all the other subjects in your tests, but the major reason why students are unable to clear their ECAT is because of the lack of general knowledge, a major chunk ends up failing in that portion hence resulting in either low score or complete failure. 

  • Don’t have access to ECAT course? Go Online!

Aptitude preparation courses are extremely expensive and especially the good ones, hence they are not accessible to everyone around us. 

But this problem is further enhanced due to the raging coronavirus and its resultant lockdowns.

To counter the lockdown blues many high-profile coaching centers are trying their best to go online but the lack of infrastructure has severely limited their ability to impart education.

As a result, many coaching centers are teaching their students through private Facebook groups which excludes students from assignments tests, and teacher-student interactions that are major chunks of course experience. 

Meanwhile, the lack of internet connectivity makes lectures inaccessible most of the time.

Hence the alternative to conventional coaching centers can be online institutions, that have the capacity and infrastructure to provide superior quality lectures and experience.

  • Where to find good ECAT preparation courses online

Internet is a treasure trove of many weird, fascinating, and interesting information.

Hence it won’t be strange for the student to find hundreds of websites offering Aptitude preparation courses.  

Students can also prepare for their entrance exam through youtube as well, which is one of the great and accessible media for online studies.

Meanwhile, there are also premium platforms such as My Inter-Academy and Campus.pk that is offering a complete online learning experience to students for fraction of the cost as compared to traditional institutes.

  • Occasional group studies can be useful

Staying in contact with your friends and having a group study session can not only help you maintain knowledge but also your morale as well. 

You can exchange information while having fun, group studies are probably one of the best ways to find and remedy the holes that are present in your preparation.

  • Final Thoughts

I know many of you guys are now tired, with no direction and lack of concrete information we do not know for how long the ECAT will be delayed. And instead of studying you guys would love to enjoy your time watching movies and tv series.

Therefore instead of following a strict regime of studying these tips are designed to be followed for an hour a day.

Hence it will keep you warmed up for your aptitude test while maintaining your morale.


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