5 Innovations That Revolutionized E learning

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When we think about E-learning, an image of a website with low quality and unoptimized videos pop up inside our heads.

Well, technically your image is partially correct as E-learning platforms have not earned enough attention in our developing country to provide us with good quality content.

But what if I tell you that there are platforms in our country that are spearheading the revolution of E-learning systems.

But how you ask? This is achieved by introducing innovative techniques and ideas.

That is why today we are going to discuss those 5 amazing innovations that are being used to transform E-learning platforms.

Some of these innovations are:

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality is a beautiful concept, a new technology that imposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world.

This fabulous innovation is slowly seeping into the classical education and it has the potential to revolutionize e-learning as well.

With the help of this technology, teachers can instantly generate images and graphics that can easily break down tough concepts.

This can make studies much more interesting and engaging. Hence, increasing the efficiency of their class. Currently, the phenomenon of augmented reality is not widely available in the world.

But soon it will spread its wings like a wildfire and it will revolutionize conventional learning and E-learning classrooms.

Learning Glass

The learning glass is a brand new innovation that can be utilized for online classes. This technology was first introduced by San Diego State University in 2015.

The learning glass is basically a transparent glass that is acting as a substitute for a whiteboard. Hence it allows a teacher to deliver his lectures while facing the students.

The learning glass gives students the ability to maintain eye to eye contact with their teachers. In this way, they can feel connected to the class, as well as the lectures are much more personalized and creative.

The learning glass can also be utilized to display 3d graphics and presentations, therefore it creates an amazing learning experience.

The students all over Pakistan can experience this technology exclusively at Myinteracademy.com.

Digital Libraries



When the word “library” is brought up in a conversation the people tend to revive an image of a huge building or a store with lots of books.

Well technically they are correct, but a modern library is not based on a hard copy medium. Instead, our technology has propelled our libraries to become digitalize and compact.

Now they are known as digital libraries.

The digitals libraries have brought upon an explosion of knowledge across the world as people of all ages can access thousands of books at any place at any time.

The innovation of digital libraries is also transforming the traditional as well as the e-learning classroom.

Some of the important aspects of digital libraries with respect to E-learning are:-

  • Students can access the required knowledge with help of internet.
  • Digital libraries provide a user-friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Students can also access rare and expensive materials.
  • People can possess multiple copies of their books.
  • Written materials can be accessed at any place at any time without any restrictions.



The gamification of knowledge in e-learning can prove to be an agile and compatible concept. As this makes studying much more engaging, interactive and enjoyable.

This increases the effectiveness of lessons as gamification techniques tickle the human instincts for competition, socializing, achievement, status, and self-expression.

This technique can also be utilized for conducting class tests. In such a way that different activities can be based on games.

while their knowledge can be assessed and graded through their accumulated scores during the gameplay. In this way, the class tests can be conducted without pressurizing the students.

Currently, in Pakistan, there are only few E-learning forums that are following this interactive method of studying.

P2P Learning

P2p learning is a modern method of acquiring the education that is based on person to person teaching.

This type of learning forms the basis of video on demand learning systems, also known as E-learning forums.

In this era where convenience is the key to success, the P2P learning platforms are now being considered as an important source of education.

These P2p learning platforms have simple functionality. As any person with knowledge about a certain subject can share his knowledge with the rest of the world through online video lectures.

Therefore, a person does not need to be a qualified teacher in order to share his skills.

This method of teaching is cost-effective as the hiring of qualified instructors can be expensive. Hence, it is also time-saving and convenient because the learning materials in form of online recorded lectures are available to students 24/7.


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