5 most important Chapters for XI Zoology Examinations 2019 (Sindh Board)

5 most important Chapters for XI Zoology Examinations 2019 (Sindh Board)

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As an Intermediate Pre-Medical (Sindh Board) student, I can claim that Zoology is one of my favorite subjects.

It is short in length, easy to understand and fun to study, as we get to learn about the inner miracles of the human body.

Another reason why I am fascinated with this subject is due to its simplicity.


Yes, Simplicity!

If you are wondering how could studying about human and animal body is simple, then let me clarify one thing.

I am not talking about The whole subject instead I am referring to the Zoology paper.

The reason why I consider Zoology paper easy is due to the paper pattern.

The paper of Zoology contains straightforward and simple questions that are feasible to understand and easy to answer.

Despite all these obvious advantages, there are many students who fail to achieve a satisfying grade in this subject.

So why does this happens ??

According to me, one of the reasons for this failure is that many students fail to grasp the power of past papers.

As a former Intermediate Student, I would seriously recommend you guys to prioritize your Zoology topics according to the past papers.

As there are many questions in our Zoology past papers that are constantly recurring and easy to identify.

Therefore by organizing your chapters and topics according to past papers.

you guys can easily achieve a better grade in your zoology examinations.

In order to make your life easier I am mentioning these 5 Most important Chapters for 2019 XI Zoology Paper.


The first chapter on our list is chapter number 10 known as Kingdom Animalia.

The chapter number 10 is probably one of the most complex chapters within the course of Zoology.

While this topic deals with the study of all eukaryotic organisms belonging to the animal kingdom.

Well sounds simple enough right ?!

Sadly it is not as simple as it sounds.

As this topic also forces the students to go through the knowledge of all 12 species present within the kingdom Animalia.

Furthermore, you have to memorize the morphological and cellular structures of organism present within these species.

All these factors combine to create one heck of a monster known as Kingdom Animalia.
Just by studying this chapter students can gain 6-8 marks.

Since questions from kingdom Animalia can appear within all 3 sections of Zoology paper.

If you ask for My recommendation, then I would like you guys to concentrate on the species of Mollusca and Arthropoda.

Since they are one of the most recurring topics from the past papers.


As the name suggests this chapter deals with the study of the movement of nutrition and fluids throughout the body.

Similar to the previous topic this chapter is pretty long and probably a bit boring, but it is quite complex in comparison.

Since this chapter not only deals with the method of transport.

Instead, students will also be forced to learn about the organs and structure present within the human body.

This whole info sounds like bad news but doesn’t worry my fellow students.

As I am now going to pinpoint a topic from this chapter that is going to help you with your zoology paper.

That important topic is Human Heart.

The reason why I have nominated heart as an important topic is that of its length, knowledge and recurring appearance in past papers.

The following topic has the ability to appear in all sections of past papers.

It can further provide students with whopping 7-8 marks within the examination paper.

3)Gaseous Exchange

As a former intermediate student, I am not fond of this chapter at all.

This chapter is probably one of the reasons for my success and failure during my intermediate examinations.

Let us talk about my failure.

During my first attempt at XI zoology paper, I was foolish enough to dismiss this chapter as an unimportant waste of time.

This resulted in a spectacular blunder on my part as a quarter of the questions from the examinations were created from this Chapter.

The Gaseous Exchange is a vast chapter which contains multiple subtopics that students must study in order to secure good 5-6 marks in the subject.

Another reason why I hated this subject is that of lack of certainty since I was unable to pinpoint any important topic related to this subject.

So my only option was to Study multiple topics that were, The human lungs, Components of Gaseous Exchange, and Gaseous Exchange in Fishes.

These three important topics were enough to drastically improved my paper experience and helped me clear my Zoology examination.


Until now I have shown disdain towards every topic that, I have discussed with you in this article, But this !…. this heavenly chapter is different.

Enzymes are one of my all-time favorites for the following reasons.

  • A chapter of reasonable length, not very long neither it is short.
  • Contains simple topics that are easy to understand and learn.
  • Has the ability to provide students with up to 4-6 marks, and appears in all sections of the examination.
  • A recurring topic in the past papers.

Whilst Enzymes is also one of those topics, that most of the Pre-medical students are studying from their 9th grade.

Furthermore, this chapter also appears in botany paper, so prepare for it one and reap the rewards twice…. Its a win, win situation for you all.


If you guys really want to pass your examination, then don’t be a lazy Ass and study the whole chapter it is for your own good.


Unlike its boring and Un-stimulating name cell is an interesting and exciting chapter with lots of knowledge to digest.

It teaches the students about morphological and functional importance of an animal and plant cells, the differences between them… and their distinct features.

But unlike the previous chapters, the students just have to concentrate on a single topic that is the animal cell.

Similar to previous topics the animal cell is a recurring entity within the past papers.

Furthermore, students can witness different questions extracted from this paper in all the sections of their examinations.

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