5 Most Important Topics for XI Chemistry Examinations 2019 (Sindh Board)

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We Pakistani students have a special relationship with the subject of chemistry.

This relationship is complicated, As it is similar to any romantic relationship in a Soap Opera.

That is why many of us end failing this subject horribly.

The reason for failure in this subject is right before our eyes and that reason is the lack of visualization.

Because in chemistry we students are learning about atoms and molecules that are unseen and the things that are unseen are usually incomprehensible.

That is why instead of solving the mystery of chemistry from our books we tend to seek an easier path.

That path is Known as “ THE WAY OF THE PAST PAPERS”

The past papers are an amazing way for instant exam preparation as it not only saves our time but it also provides us with the necessary knowledge about the paper pattern.

So without further ado here are 5 most Topics for XI Chemistry Examinations 2019 (Sindh Board).


Bohr’s Atomic Model

If you are wondering why I chose this topic first, then the answer is simple.

As Bohr’s Atomic Model is one of the most comprehensive topics in the history of Sindh board examinations.

Just by studying this topic you can gain easily gain 20 marks within your examinations.

This marks allotment is not unfair but it is well deserved.

As questions from Bohr’s atomic model can appear in all three sections of the examination.

As for the topic itself, The Bohr’s atomic model belongs to chapter 3 known as The Atomic Structures.

Rutherford’s Atomic Model

The Rutherford Atomic Model is quite similar to the previous topic as they are from the same chapter and they both are lengthy as hell.

The only difference between both topics is their content and frequency of past paper appearances.

That is why Rutherford Atomic Model isn’t considered as important as Bohr’s model because it doesn’t have any frequent appearances in the past papers.

However, the value of Rutherford Atomic Model cannot be underestimated.

As it can appear in all three sections of the examination.

Furthermore, it also has considerable point weight in the coming examination.

So if you are in a hurry to prepare for your exams, then follow my suggestion and keep these two topics as a priority.

Both Bohr and Rutherford atomic model are recurring topics in past papers.


Le Chatelier’s principle

The Le Chatelier’s principle is an easy topic and it also appears frequently in the past papers.

The topic usually appears in sync with Haber’s process within section C and section A of the examination and contains 15 marks in total.

The easiest way to grasp the concept behind this topic is to visit section C of 2017 and 2018 Past papers.

Unlike the previous two topics, Le Chatelier’s principle is shortest as it only consists of a law and an equation.

That is why it is on My list as one of the simplest topics to learn.

Haber’s Process

Haber’s process is a topic of vast knowledge as it deals with the manufacture of NH3 (Ammonia).

Although Haber’s process doesn’t appear in the past paper often, it does provide a significant 15 marks within Section C of Examination.

As discussed above Haber’s process can appear in coordination with Le Chatelier’s principle but it can also appear as an independent question.

That is why it is highly advisable for you to add this topic to your study cart if you want to good marks in your chemistry exam.

Gas Laws (Charle’s Law And Boyle’s Law)

The last topic on our list are the easiest ones, the gas laws.

The topic of gas laws includes the definition and derivation of Charles law and the Boyles.

The Charles law defines the relationship between volume and temperature, while the latter involves the relationship between pressure and volume.

The reason why I included the gas laws on this list is that they are easy to remember and they consistently appear in past papers.

The question related to the gas law has the ability to appear in all three sections of-of examination paper.

This means that this tiny topic is a golden egg which is easy to study and learn while it can also provide students with a whopping 20 points in the paper.


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