5 Qualities an Intermediate student in Pakistan should seek in their Teachers

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Out of all the important careers across Pakistan, the career of a teacher surpasses all other professions.

This profession is considered the most important in all developed countries and should also be considered the same in Pakistan.

Why? because they are responsible for the development of future generations of our nation.

They build student’s mentality, help them to explore their hidden talents as well as make them a better person.

In this way, the teachers play a crucial part in creating a bright future for our society.

Sadly, in our country, the profession of a teacher is gravely underestimated as many schools, colleges and coaching centers are employing less qualified part-time teachers.

This is a primary reason for the decline in educational standard across Pakistan.

In this article, I will tell you guys about 5 basic qualities which you should seek in your teachers before joining any coaching academy.

  1. Qualified
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Disciplined
  4. Entertaining
  5. Flexible


First and foremost quality that intermediate student should seek in their teacher is their qualification. This is important because the qualification of a teacher is an indicator of his experience and wisdom.

If the teacher is knowledgeable then her experience could be exclusively utilized for the guidance and development of the student’s knowledge and learning capability.

This fact is especially true for the intermediate students because they are standing on the starting line of their university education and any single misconception can lead to a setback in the future.

Therefore in order to prevent this, students must search for those institutions where they can receive a high-quality education from qualified teachers at least holding a master degree in the respective subjects.


It’s a well-established and solid fact that a professional teacher must be knowledgeable.

A teacher’s knowledge must not be limited to his subject matter but it should be diverse.

Therefore the comprehension of his subject must also overlap with his mastery of teaching and general knowledge about the world.

In short, a teacher must know how to utilize his worldly knowledge and integrate it within his lectures.

This method can make studies more interesting and understandable.

On the contrary, the lack of general knowledge and subject knowledge can hamper the teacher’s ability to teach and may also affect the student’s grades.


A teacher’s job is quite difficult, and the majority of people in Pakistan do not understand the dilemma which teachers face.

It ranges from dealing with the nagging parents to the appeasement of their seniors. On the top of that, they have to deal with an overload of work with low salaries.

This can be a frustrating experience, but a successful educator is a person who can deal with all these problems and maintain stick discipline without losing his temper.

A teacher can also maintain a disciplined lifestyle by strictly following his daily schedule. Starting class on time with complete preparation can lead to a better and comfortable learning experience for the students.

By maintaining nominal discipline, teachers can become respectful and approachable for the students.

They can better understand the problems of their apprentices and solve them.

This can lead to a mutual success of both students and teachers.


Boring lectures can reduce the efficiency of a classroom environment. If the teacher fails to keep the students engaged and motivated while teaching, then students misbehavior is possible. Because when the learner is bored by the never-ending cycle of uninteresting facts, he starts distracting himself and others around him.

To avoid these problems, a teacher should entertain his students by engaging them in various class fun activities.

Because a good teacher is an entertainer as well as an educator.

He can crack jokes, share stories or various experiences of life or by sharing interesting facts and let students do it as well. These are the simplest methods of making class entertaining.

Other methods can include the utilization of technology and experimentation with the help of which students can engage with their respective lessons.


Flexibility is one of the most convenient qualities of a teacher because teachers have to solve multitudes of different problems every day.

They must know how to adjust to their student’s pace and teach accordingly. With this ability, teachers can increase the effectiveness of their lessons.

Teachers who adapt according to their students’ pace are respectful and students can form a bond of friendship and understanding with their educators.


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