5 Ways to Avoid Falling Asleep in Class Room

5 Ways to Avoid Falling Asleep in Class Room

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Attending a lecture can be a tiresome and boring at times and at that particular moment falling asleep is the best way to zone out of the adult world’s crisis.

In one moment you are ready to change the world by learning great things and on the other, this world of yours starts to get blurred. The blabbing of the teacher gets lost somewhere in the background. Your opened eyes first get half shut and then suddenly you are projected into the realm of happiness, imagination, and contentment.

However, these peaceful few minutes in the classroom does have consequences. As this not only affect your academic performance but has a huge impact on your overall personality.

I believe you would want to avoid sleeping during the lesson at all costs.

Since the penalties, you receive for enjoying the most peaceful 15-30 minutes of your day vary, but the common among all:

  • You get kicked out the classroom
  • Get insulted in front of other students

The teacher starts to mistrust you and throw angry looks every time you raise your hand to ask a question or you’re wrongly judged even when you are being innocent and indulge in your studies.

This loss of dignity and respect in front of the teacher is legit and hurts too.

In addition, you end up being a source of entertainment for all. The fellow students seem to give you less importance.

On top of that, your marks start to fall off since NO attention=NO marks in case of Pakistani students.  

By keeping these problems in mind, I am sharing with you 5 easy tricks to stay active in the classroom and not fall asleep.

Number 1: Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep

I know there may be a number of reasons for not getting a good amount of sleep at night. Maybe you were sick or some emergency had come up during the day, or you stayed up late to study. Or actually, you are a night owl who stays up all night. 

In any case, I am addressing you all. Getting a good amount of sleep is necessary for a body to function properly.

Therefore, it is important that you fill your tank of sleep and get prepared beforehand for the long haul of classes.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the teenagers or young adults need to sleep 8-10 hours at night. Any inadequacies in sleep will lead to serious health problems. Look at the infographics to learn about the health issue related to sleep deprivations.

Effects of sleep deprivation on your body!

Number 2: Actively participate during the class session

If you have slept properly and you have taken care of your diet but still struggling to keep your eyes open during the lecture then go for this second method of our list. i.e., Active Participation during the classroom lecture. Although there are many benefits of being active in the classroom, I am discussing two benefits for being an active student.

First, of course, you will not offend the teacher nor disrespect him/her. On the contrary, your interpersonal relations with the teacher as well as with your class-fellows will be improved.

Second, you will actually internalize and memorize all the concepts imparted during the class. As well as most of your confusion will be cleared away. Only if you pay attention.

Now, I know, you would be wondering how to actively participate in the class? Or what is active participation?

Active participation is a process through which you engage yourself with the lesson as well as with the teacher.

But how you ask, right?

  • When the teacher is discussing some topic, skim through the chapter from which she is teaching or talking about. Stay Alert!
  • Ask questions from the teacher. Respond to him/her until you have no more questions to ask.

The other ways are: sit in the front row, make contact with the teacher as well as takes notes and past papers. These are discussed in details below.

Number 3: Make a connection with the teacher

Most of the students are afraid of sitting in the front row when it comes to the classroom setting. However, researchers have pointed out where you sit in the classroom defines your relationship with the teacher and as well show your enthusiasm towards learning. The closer you are to the teacher, the more benefits you are going to get. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you want to stay alert in the class and avoid falling asleep then choose the front rows or close to the middle row. In this way, you will not only increase 2x learning experience by actively engaging yourself in the class but also you will stay active and alert in the classroom.  

The second way is to befriend with an enthusiastic learner who can pinch you from time to time, wake you up and help you avoid sleeping in the classroom. If you weren’t fortunate to find one then ask the person sitting next to you to wake you up if you become drowsy during the lecture. Consequently, you will not annoy your teacher.

If you have tried doing the above-mentioned way, but still unsuccessful in keeping the drowsiness at arm’s length then try out this Fun Way.


This one: Try to observe the body language of the teacher i.e, how she/he teaches or explains certain concepts. Learn how they move their hands, the gestures, facial expressions, and vocabulary.

In this way, you are not only learning about the content but also looking at the content being explained. KEEP IN MIND I do not mean to stare or ogle at teachers or make them nervous through your direct gaze, but look at them with admiration and reverence. In this way, you will learn about the content as well as observe the non-verbal body language . Hence, ALERT and AWOKEN!

Number 4: Take notes as you go and Doodle on your Books/notes

Researchers have observed that when we take notes during the lecture we learn 2x more. It is because we engage more than one senses.


You are not only listening to the teacher but engaging yourself with the text by reading and looking at the text. As well as you are using your hands ‘touch sense’. Your hand movements will remember the words you wrote while learning from the material. Through this note-taking habit, you will become a fast and active learner. In addition, you will not fall asleep in the classroom.

Whatever the teacher explains,  summarise it in your own words. It is no big deal where you take your notes. If you are one of those who hate marking in the books or notes then do not take the notes in your textbook-engage the journal or your sheets of paper. In addition, you can make use of sticky notes and place them right close to the topic under discussion.  However, if you are like me, who is not afraid to write in the margin lines whether its messy or not pretty then write in your notes or books.

Choose the way which works best for you. The only thing you have to care about is to take the notes while studying. Engage your hands and materials!

In addition, if you are artistic or daydreamer sort of a person then you can doodle and make stories related to your thought process throughout your learning experience. Do not worry if it is messy or not up to the point. As long as you are up and engaging yourself with the material you will not fall asleep. You could also use mnemonics, acronyms, little cartoons, flowchart, or the mind maps. 


Number 5: Be Honest and Excuse

At times we mess up by not making the right move at the right time. It could be because we are scared of the others’ responses or afraid of the fact that what will the other person say or think.

Trust me, you will no do good to yourself if you keep yourself distant and unresponsive. You are a human and not a mice who, after going through several experiments becomes unresponsive.

The teachers do appreciate the fact when you are open and honest about how you feel during the class.

I know this might not sound sane, especially when you have a strict teacher. But it’s better to let the teacher know about your condition and ask her to give you 2-3 minutes leaves so that you can go and wash your face.

Walking also helps in sleepiness but due to many schools’ policy, you cannot wander in the school premises for no reason, right?  But taking a few steps towards the restroom will give you a chance to move your body.

In the restroom, you can stretch your body as well as try to touch your feet. This simple and quick exercise will rush the blood flow in your body and you will be back to learning great things!


In this blog post, I have shared 5 ways to remain alert in the classroom. In order to build a positive rapport as well as to maximize the learning experience of the classroom, keep these pointers in mind. Accordingly, next time when you enter into the classroom with a sleepy head try to recall these key features to avoid teacher’s resentment. Good Luck!

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