6 Most Popular Educational Fields in Pakistan

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There are currently 19 million students across Pakistan and approximately 30% of them are now applying for their university education, so the biggest concern for these students is that they have to make a choice. They have to choose a field of studies which will propel them into their professional lives and allow them to become an active member of the society.

If we look at the current economy of Pakistan, we can say that our country is clearly a developing nation with many opportunities and demand for each and every professional field is available. The students in this country have wonderful options to opt for a field which they like and in which they can easily get a job. However, there are still many students that are drowned in “Uncertainty” about their choice in university education.

To make life easier for our young readers, today in this article let us take a look at the 7 most popular educational fields that thousands of students will mostly opt for. We will look at some features of these fields according to their availability, scope, and salaries offered to the professionals.

Medical (M.B.B.S)

The field of medicine is one of the most popular and important educational fields in Pakistan. Its popularity can be well defined by the fact that within the city of Karachi there are approximately 65,000 students who apply for the admission of medical colleges each year.

The popularity of this field is certainly not an illusion, but this field is not easily accessible as it requires total devotion to one’s studies, rigorous hard work, and money which many students are unable to deliver. That is why it is considered the field of Elites.

Scope in Pakistan

According to basic data and facts, the demand for the medical expert is at all time high in Pakistan. The salaries of Medical professionals can rise from Rs. 300,000- Rs. 600,000 per month, while newly graduate students who are totally inexperience can earn up to 50,000-80,000/month as it is based on their fields of specialization.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is another massively popular educational field within Pakistan. As the name suggests, this field deals with the study of the application of electrical, electronics and electromagnetism. This field is also subdivided into many other branches such as computers, hardware engineering, and control systems.

This means that students who are pursuing this field are not limited to a single option, instead, they can pursue any field according to their own choice and future scope.

The scope of Electrical engineering in Pakistan

The demand for electrical engineers is at an all-time high. As the country is faced with a severe scarcity of electrical energy, along with construction of new powerhouses and the development of renewable energy resources. This field has been taken into consideration.

The salaries offered to an electrical engineer is based on their field of expertise. The average salaries can range from 80,000-150,000 rs, while novice engineers can earn up to 37,000 rs respectively.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is an important branch of computer sciences that deals with the creation, operation and the maintenance of a software. The rise of information technology that we are witnessing within Pakistan is directly spearheaded by the rise in demand for the software engineers.

As a result, several small and big companies are rising throughout Pakistan and they are demanding top quality software engineers. Along with these companies, there are now several universities in Pakistan that are offering good quality courses in software engineering.

The scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan

Students who are trying to pursue a career in this field have a bright future and an amazing prospect. Along with many job opportunities that are present for the software engineers.

Experienced software engineers are also commanding a sufficient financial power as these guys can earn up to a whopping amount of 600,000 rs/month. While newly inducted graduates can earn a decent 51,000 rs/month.

Business Administration (BBA/MBA)

The Bachelors of Business Administration and the Masters of Business Administration is the most popular field out of all the above fields mentioned. It is also an extremely vast field. The jobs are not only widely available in Pakistan but worldwide.

The field of BBA and MBA holds particular importance in Pakistan. Since the country is on the crossroads of a massive economic boom, there are many big and small businesses that require the services of MBA and BBA experts.

The scope of BBA/MBA in Pakistan

There are many universities in Pakistan that are offering extensive courses in the fields of BBA / MBA. The graduates have wonderful options for working either for the government or private companies. They can easily secure jobs in marketing, HR management, Business development, and Sales departments. The salaries of employees are dependent upon their abilities and they can range from merely 15,000 hrs/month (Marketing Executive) – a mind-boggling 20,00,000 rs/month (Regional Director).

Medicine (Pharm.D)

Pharm. D is a newly emerging field that is now extremely popular among the medical students of Pakistan. Pharmacy is one of the most ancient professions.

It is being argued that the origins of this profession can be traced from early spring blossom Era of China 520 BC – 310 BC. This is an honorable profession but the luster of being a pharmacist was lost.

However, the degree of Pharm.D is relatively new and it gives the student a chance to be a doctor. This has changed the social status of Pharmacists all over Pakistan who can now perform much more active roles in the health care sector.

The scope of Pharm.D in Pakistan

Similar to a respectable social status, this field also provide students with multiple job opportunities with a respectable amount of salaries. A person holding a Pharm.D degree can earn up to Rs 120,000- Rs 250,000/month.

The newly inducted will earn less (Rs 36,000/month) however, they have a beautiful chance of promotions which will result in an increment in their salaries and efforts.

Mass communication

The driving force behind the field of mass communication is journalism, media studies, and management. The field of mass communication is an evergreen field in Pakistan. With the spread of internet connectivity and digital media,  news outlet are now appearing in form of social and digital media. Due to the appearance of these news outlets the demand of Mass communication, professionals are highly demanded. Moreover, this rate will not go down anytime soon.

In order to meet this demand, there are many top universities in Pakistan that are offering Bsc. degree in Mass Communications. Students can only join this program after they have completed their college with at least 50% marks.

The scope of Mass Communications in Pakistan

After graduating from their respective universities students can join the following professions:-

  • Fashion Industry
  • Film Sectors
  • Digital Media
  • Radio Stations
  • Writer
  • Educational Institutions
  • Event Creativity Companies
  • Public Relations companies

All of these above fields are fast growing and widely available. Mass Media professionals can earn up to 350,000 rs/month while newly inducted employees can earn a decent of 30,000 rs/month.


These are the most popular fields in Pakistan with a bright future, but it is wise for students to select their professional studies according to their abilities, talent, and interest. Without these three necessary virtues even if a student manages to enroll in these programs, it will be a useless struggle for them. As he/she will not have the necessary motivation to work hard and achieve high-level success in these fields.

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