7 Effective tips of using your Inter/FSc Past Paper online-My inter Academy

7 Effective tips of using your Inter/FSc Past Paper online-My inter Academy

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Past papers are the easiest pathway between exam-preparation and exams.
The reason why past papers are important to use is that they make students understand how the
upcoming Papers method will be.

Past papers are for your guidelines because when students solve these papers, their knowledge
gets build-up, which helps you in attempting entry tests and career opportunities tests in the

Doing past papers makes students minds sharp, and they make themselves ready for Sindh Board and Punjab Board exams.

We all know how important are Inter and FSc Past papers and its the best way to study for exams, but we don’t

know exactly how to use those past papers effectively.

There are only a few masterminds who knew how to study from the past papers.

Digging through piles of intermediate past paper to look for the Gem information can be tricky
and frustrating, but you need to get through this process to pass the board exams with flying

The closer you study through the past Paper, the closer you will get to the actual exam. Here are
some tips for squeezing all the important information out of past papers.

#1 Practice Questions

when you are done with the learning process, and now you feel like you can come to the past
Paper, make sure you have covered everything.

Most of the students make this mistake; they solely depend on past papers.

The past Paper is for your aid and to highlight the important part.

Before coming to the past Paper, you need to cover the whole syllabus at least you should have
an idea about every topic even if you know its not important.

Now is the right time to approach the past papers.

#2 Practice Questions:

Look for the repetition in the past papers and Practice those Repeated Questions, especially of
Maths physics and chemistry.

When you have aced the repeated Question, go for the less repeated one, and solve them.

Always remember Practice makes the man perfect and Technical subjects like Maths physics and
chemistry needs a lot of Practice. So brace yourself accordingly.

Important questions might include some questions you find difficult or annoying but try to cope
with it and practice it until you have got a grip on it.

#3 getting used to the pattern

There are many things in Past papers like MCQs long questions.

Short question different sections with different guidelines.

Make a schedule in which you add the past paper questions and plan it smartly.

The important Question on top of your list and then go for the less important. FSc Exams past

Paper has a particular pattern learn the whole pattern and plan, which will you attempt first and which you need to leave it for later.

Most people do the Section C first of long detailed questions and then section B of short

It depends on you if you think you take time more in Section C and will lose track of time go for
Section B first.

Practice the past paper Pattern at home.

Make your own Past Paper once in a week or two then try to solve it on time.

Watch your timings, where you are lacking, or where you are taking most of the time.

FSc Board exams have Section A, which consists of only 20 mins teacher takes the sheet after
precisely 20 minutes.

Section A is consisting of 20 MCQs; each of them is for 1 mark. So take 20 years of MCQs and
do it.

Please do not be lazy on this part because these 20 marks are like given to you on a platter, so
don’t waste it. Solve the MCQs daily of any subject.

#4 Use Highlighter and sticky notes:

Some of the MCQs and questions are based on the facts and figures, and most facts and figures
are hard to remember because it quickly slips from your memory.

Especially remembering the dates is difficult because it always got mixed up with other dates.

Make pointer of these figures on a sticky note and stick it on the route you pass by mostly, for
example, mirror, cupboard, fridge wall, which is facing your bed.

Trust me; it works use colorful sticky notes for it because bright colors demand attention.

Make your habit of using different highlighters while studying use highlighters in past Paper too.

Not the questions you find particularly tricky will highlight topics to revise or areas you struggle
in and find challenging.

A color-coded system is a useful way of marking each Question according to your preference for

 Red = for the difficult one which you find hard to learn
 Orange = questions which you only have a little know-how
 yellow= for those questions which are easy to learn
 Green = for the Question you are confident on

#5 Using Mark Schemes

Its great just to complete the practice papers, but its just half the deal. Busting out an essay,
saying good and then chopping it out, is not nearly as successful.

You have to review and mark your work. Without measuring to see how youre going, you have
no idea whether youre tracking well or poorly.

You should write down every mistake you have made, every subject you have overlooked, and
every comment you have gone on overtime.

Read through this List before each new past paper, and try not to make the same mistakes again.

#6 Use Keywords

Use Keywords to remember things and make subheadings in longs questions.

Especially for science exams, it is worth knowing the key points examiners are looking for in
answering some questions.

A 5-mark question on the method of fractional distillation in Chemistry, for example, includes a
brief presentation of key information.

If you memorize the points in the mark scheme, a perfect answer is guaranteed to you!
This concept applies to core concepts, as well.

Sometimes just 1 or 2 points, if you don’t use the right phrasing or write down a phrase, those
questions are easy to slip on.

Having a description of mark schemes is an excellent way to ensure that you always pick certain
marks up.

#6 Analysis

When you’ve finished and labeled a text, note what subjects need to be revisited in your revision
process and what sections you’ve been struggling with.

Rather than throwing the Paper away and never talking about it again, make sure that you use
this opportunity as an experience.

If its reviewing some of your notes, doing a method drawing, or asking someone to explain a
definition, try to act earlier rather than later.

Testing papers may feel disheartening, especially when you try them first.

It doesn’t matter how far a paper is going-its all about how you use the method to understand.

It pays off-putting the effort into learning and following all the tips.

My inter Academy is the Pakistan Most loved E-learning platform.

It gives free access to the past papers and provides all the past papers of all subjects of FSc
Exams of Pakistan.

Otherwise, it was almost difficult to get such a good collection of past papers
on a single site.

Attempting past papers of all Inter boards makes your minds sharp and makes you ready for FSc
Board Exams.

Past Paper is one of the easiest ways to get Good marks, grades, and percentages. So do not take
Past Paper lightly and study hard.

Good luck!

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