9 Common Causes Of Stress In intermediate Student

9 Common Causes Of Stress In intermediate Student

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Stress has become part of intermediate student’s life and is now considered an everyday thing.

It is disturbing that we all are okay with it when many people are losing lives because of Extreme Stress.

The final worst consequence is suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death in the world, with over 800,000 cases every year. And we are witnessing many suicide cases due to Academic Stress in different cities of Pakistan.

We are losing lives, and our society, government, educational system, and even the healthcare departments are not taking primary steps towards it.

Let’s take a closer look at several of the most common causes of Stress in matric student and Intermediate students, so you’re prepared to handle even the most extreme stress conditions.

#1 Failure:

Nobody likes to fail, Failure in the Academic Life of A student Tend to hold them back, it prevents them from following their dreams and ambitions and leaves an impression in their mind that they are looser and that they can’t do anything.

This whole idea then creates Stress in their life. Students need to understand that failing is part of life and that no one is perfect.

In Pakistan, due to the corrupted educational System, many students fail in their Intermediate.
They get dishearten over it and take Defective decision accordingly.

A decision like abandoning studies and some student even take their lives as they could not accept their failure.

Failure causes Extreme Stress in their lives in those moments of life.

What a student needs is a support System, some motivational words, and encouragement to continue their studies.

But here in Pakistan, we See parents and Society bullying the child with their harsh words.

First, you force a child to take Pre-medical or Pre-engineering, although they are interested in arts or commerce, and then expect them to pass with Flying colors.

Even if a student didn’t fail a test, the fear of failure would be immense to destroy mental health.

#2 Bullying:

Children are said to be pure souls, but if their brought up is positive, they can be devils.

The life of a student is tough than we think, especially for students who are weak and shy and can not stand for themselves.

School is not only for gaining education but also helps us in our social life it teaches us the ethics of Society, but sometimes it turns out to be a place where your child learns bad things because one bad Student is there.

Students picking on each other is normal now. Verbal abuse is Common now in Pakistan too, grouping favoritism and injustice in school are what lead Student to Stress and even worst depression.

Not only is the school to be blamed for this, but some parents are also involved in it when they do not pay attention to their child’s mental health and try to participate in their personal lives.

All they ask about is how studies are going and not how are you in school or do you have friends are good?

Unfortunately, a lot of parents do not understand the potentially serious outcomes of bullying on a child’s confidence and self-esteem and the effect of it on academic performance.

#3 Burden:

If a student is distracted or upset by homework, it makes it harder for him or her to complete homework.
It can cause a stressful cycle in which homework is pilling up, and your child has no time or energy to complete — leading to even more Stress.

Whether it’s advanced-level courses or the amount of research required, a heavy workload can be a major source of Stress.

It is particularly popular in Pre-engineering as they begin; they have many Fundamental things. Students with tough schedules can quickly become overwhelmed by the lack of free time to relax.

When your child transitions from elementary school to high school, the amount and difficulty of schoolwork increases — and students without strong time management skills will feel even more stressed.

#4 Lack of organization

Lack of order in Planning, Academics, and Life of students lead a child to experience Stress.

This is usually because they are behind in their studies due to a lack of organization.

Which moreover leads to Stress and frustration in a student’s life. Order is something we need to bring into our life.

Nowadays, Students are all procrastinator start studying just before 2 months before exams.
That’s when serious Stress starts to build up in a student. And that’s when they need to plan and schedule their life and timings to study.

#5 Parental Pressure:

Have you ever thought about how your casual irresponsible comments do to a child’s mind? 

Parental Pressure is a serious thing in our Pakistani Society, and we never talk about it. 

Why? because the parents are always right! Because they mean the best for us! Parents and Society need to understand that it’s okay to encourage a child to try to be the best, but pushing a child to break is another thing. 

Pressuring a child and making decisions on their behalf is wrong. 

You can give advice but can’t impose a choice on them.


#6 Unrealistic Expectations:

Asian cultures have long held on the toxic belief that academic accomplishment is necessary to achieve lifelong success. 

In Pakistan, the student ranking system and the grades of each person are made public. It is a common practice in all of Pakistan, with many alarming consequences. 

This causes further Pressure on the students and their mental and physical health. 

When a student is burdened with highly unrealistic Expectation, they tend to get sensitive emotionally. They feel burdened with that Expectation and work hard for it. 

But sometimes the opposite happens. Maybe your child is interested elsewhere and cannot fulfill your Expectation. 

You are not able to see, but your expectations crushed their many dreams sometimes. 

They work hard for staying in the race of gaining high scores when they should be practicing for their athlete’s future or to be future MasterChef. 

Some parents are obsessing over A grades and high scores. However, when a child fails to fulfill their Parent’s dreams, it leads to stress and anxiety. 


#7  Lack Of confidence:

Confidence builds in Students when he lives in an encouraging environment. 

School is supposed to be a place where a child learns how to speak up and learns to be social.

But this is not happening in our Society; In Pakistan, we look forward to our parents to be supportive of our ideas. 

We look for encouraging words from Society and especially from our parents. 

Lack of encouragement from parents or teachers is also one of the common factors that bring a lot of stress to students. 

They may feel like a lot is required of them, but they don’t have a good enough support network (emotional or practical) to achieve their goals.

It is another source of tension that can impact high-achieving students in particular.

We all look for encouraging words, but all we get are negative taunts that demotivate and impact our mental health.

Parental support is required for every student of the school to achieve their academic achievement. 

Nevertheless, if parents have high expectations rather than support, it will represent the academics of their children. 

When they could not meet their parents’ expectations, it prompts Stress and impacts their academic achievement. 


#8 Slow Learner:

To several youngsters, being called in class and speaking in front of their peers may be terrifying. 

Some students are shy to speak up, and some students are naturally slow at something, for instance, a child can be slow at maths class but sharp and responsive in biology and arts because it’s their thing and they are naturally interested in it more.

We need to understand every child’s psychology; each Student is different from each other.

In our Society, we compare children to each other a lot.

This behavior might lead Students to feel ashamed and depressed and stressed. 

People want the child to be like the other child, in fact, even better. 

Whether it’s neighbors, relatives, acquaintances, co-workers, brothers or sisters. 

This analogy is not only unfair but also very dangerous for the overall health and development of the infant. 

Such demands and aspirations would have catastrophic consequences. 

Every child has their own set of exclusive talents and capacities. Identify the weakness and strength and nurture the child accordingly.


#9 financial Problem:

Financial problems are also one of the factors that cause stress in students. Many students are supporting their families financially. 

They Quit their studies to provide support to their family. Moreover, some students are working hard it’s difficult for them to work and study together, so they leave studies behind. 

Students like them are in great stress, always hand to mouth condition. 

They are good at Studies, their Parents are supportive, encouraging they are highly organized, but they aren’t financially strong to pay for the extra tuition fees and extra curriculum Activities in school, plus they don’t have time for it.

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