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Audiovisual Aid– Enhancing Learning Experiences

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The COVID-19 outbreak has asked for a lot of adjustments to be made by students and teachers alike, the major adjustment being that of education being imparted virtually. One of the greatest challenges of online classes in schools, colleges, and universities, is the absence of direct interaction between teacher and pupils. Conveying difficult concepts especially in Math and Sciences and explaining the nuances of language becomes a Herculean task through the digital medium.

This is where Audiovisual aided or multimedia-based education (MBE) improves comprehension and retention and comes to the rescue. The reason being that research reveals that half of our brain is involved in identifying and analyzing visuals. This is why humans understand a symbol much faster and more easily than plain words.

What are Audiovisual Aids?:

In the dictionary, they are referred to as “training or educational materials directed at both the senses of hearing and the sense of sight, films, recordings, photographs, etc. used in classroom instructions, library collections or the likes”.

Such materials may include filmstrips, microforms, slides, projected opaque materials, tape recording, and flashcards. Today, multimedia such as educational DVDs, PowerPoint, television educational series, YouTube, and other online materials are considered effective audiovisual aids and used generously by facilitators right from the Montessori and elementary years to higher secondary education.

An example of audio visual aid

What does Audiovisual Aid do?

  1. Supports the teacher’s explanation.
  2. Makes the teaching process effective.
  3. Makes the lesson simple and easy to understand for the students.
  4. Permeates multiple senses and thus makes the learning permanent.
  5. Makes abstract ideas concrete.
  6. Captures and retains the learners’ attention.
  7. Makes the class more interactive and interesting.
  8. Helps to maintain discipline.
  9. Develops critical thinking and reasoning.
  10. Provides exposure.


In online classes, as the teacher remains distant, instructions can be tedious and boring for the students. After all, how long can you listen to one person talking? In such a scenario, using the right audiovisual aids will certainly enhance the learning experience, keep the students engaged and motivated to learn about the subject.

Yet, it is vital to remember that an online class cannot just be a string of videos, sounds or images. The presence of a facilitator who links the audiovisual aid to the topic and gives it relevance to the current times bringing it down to the level of the students is what makes the lesson memorable.

Based on the above plethora of benefits of audiovisual aids, My Inter-Academy also provides lectures in the form of vivid videos with engaging animated infographics that enhance the learning experience. This is facilitated by qualified teachers who create the perfect balance of concise and simplified instructions complemented by the right audiovisual aid. So if you are worried about preparing for your Intermediate exams or are fretting about your ECAT or MDCAT assessments, you need to look no further than My Inter Academy. Visit our website and take a look at our top courses.

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