Benefits Of Technology In Learning

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Its 21st Century, and we all have access to the Internet at our home. In our family, we all are using the Internet in many ways and getting advantage of it.

Your father must be using it for updates, and office work your mother could be used for watching TV series and watching cooking shows children for gaming and studies. 

We all have used the Internet for study purposes, too, for our research work, YouTube small clips lectures. But we never were dependent on it because we all doubt its authenticity. 

The Pandemic of 2020 brought us to a new culture where we learned many new things and new ways to access Learning. E-learning is one of them. 

We never thought we could educate ourselves in the comfort zone of our own house. People in Pakistan are still unaware of the Benefits Technology Provide in Education.

Technology has brought upon a great wave in the history of education now. You can get a degree while studying at home. 

This all was possible before the COVID 19 too, but after the outbreak, it got highlighted. Now people are appreciating and exploring the real power of Technology. 

Technology has impacted our Economy on a great scale. Now everything is online even you can get your grocery on your doorstep without moving a finger.

The Technologies have Even Revolutionized the way we shop, but we have to be careful of the authorized website and fake accounts that scams. 

Just like buying online, studying online could be confusing too. The Internet is the ocean of load of websites you need to swim for the authentic one. 

Students of the nursery to Ph.D. level are taking online nowadays, but they face problems of Online classes.

With the introduction of the eLearning movement, higher education has undergone significant changes, and it seems things are going in the right direction. 

Many websites being used for live online classes like zoom, Classroom, skype, Still, Students can’t study properly due to internet issues, personal problems, and lack of resources like laptop mobile or tablet.

The inequalities of online Learning are something that we can’t neglect. Its a somewhat harsh reality of our society. 

We can’t move forward, leaving our community behind. In online classes, students are getting frustrated over negative facts and figures of online classes. 

Especially students of the Sindh and Punjab board. Many schools, especially the government schools and colleges, are still not turning toward the online classes system, due to which students are getting behind on their studies. Already Pakistan’s literacy rate is low, and after the epidemic, it’s getting lower. 

“Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. These nationwide closures are impacting over 60% of the world’s student population. Several other countries have implemented localized closures impacting millions of additional learners.”

Education should not be stopped in any case. It is the only thing we should be worried about after the wellbeing of our country. 

Education is essential for the students, and it should not be stopped by any means.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world “~ Nelson Mandela.

This article will show you all the benefits of Technology used in online Learning. 


#1 Accessibility:

Accessibility is one of the most significant advantages of online Learning. It does not concern the geographical boundaries. 

It is available anywhere, anytime. Many Sindh board students live in rural areas where they do not have the best coaching and collages, but with the help of the E-learning system, they can study efficiently. 

We are lucky that we live in the 21st Century, where everything is easily accessible. The convenience that Technology provides in education is immense.

Especially for the Young Girls out there from the conservative families who are not allowed to take classes from Coaching centers. 

And also for those who can’t travel to a country to the country in the gain of knowledge. E-learning reduces all the restrictions that come in our way while preparing for the Board Examination. 

Many of the students are terminally ill or extremely introvert, so they are physically and psychologically unable to attend classes for them too. Online classes give them space of their own to study through online courses.

My Inter Academy is Pakistan’s most loved E-learning platform with over 2000+ hours of recorded lectures that are available 24/7. You can study at any time according to your schedule.

This advantage is closely related to the one mentioned above, as students can easily access the course content at any time. The only thing needed is a connection to the Internet to access the course content, contact tutors, and do exams.

At the heart of our development in 2018 was the creation of a My inter Academy to improve accessibility for everyone in education. 

Instead of having a standard version and a separate accessible version for learners with many problems, the new Glass Technology Provides an easy and effective online learning platform to the students of our society. 

That enables students to learn from online video tutorials and lectures from anywhere anytime at very affordable prices. And to ensure effective Learning of students and to learn with live practical of every scientific concept through simulations.


#2. Mobility:

Some people are working while studying to support their education expenses so they usually can’t pay attention to their studies properly. 

For many, it could be challenging to study, along with work. Conventional method of studying bounds a student in so many ways that he end up quitting which results in bad grades. 

That’s why Mobility is one of the reasons that has brought so much interest to Technology-based learning methods’-learning offers students the opportunity to study at any place and at any time, perfectly adapting to their needs.

 Today’s learners want a customized, mobile approach to education, and what Exactly My Inter Academy provides. 

Some students are slow learners, and we all know how much we need to write on Board Exams, so they need to speed up our writing.

Online Learning helps them and gives them time to notice their pace and improve time to time.


#3 Personalize Learning:

Some students are livelier at night and study at night. 

Their power for consuming knowledge works at night more than the day. 

So even if they take coaching and classes from schools and collage, they won’t be attentive as their mind is not working on full speed. 

Online Learning gives students the freedom to study at their own pace. 

Students studying online will organize their time schedules without having to make personal sacrifices to fulfill the teachers’ and traditional university class attendance requirements.

Research has shown that self-running learning results in increased student satisfaction and reduced stress, leading to improved learning outcomes. 

Some of the advantages of self-paced Learning also include efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, scalability, and reusability. 

Moreover, some students are slow learners and slow writers; they can schedule their timing according to their Learning and writing pace.


#4 Vast Resource of Knowledge:


The Internet is full of knowledge, but we all look for an authentic resource that’s unique and standard, especially when searching for the Examination.

My inter academy provides students with the best authentic past papers, which helps them prepare for their Board Examination.

When you are studying for intermediate exams, it’s a ritual that we all follow, going through the past paper to get an idea for an upcoming exam. 

We all look for past paper that provides us with the authentic notes and best notes possible, Notes which gives us the exact prediction of what will be in the upcoming exams. 

It helps us point out where we lack the knowledge and where we should be focusing more.

They provide the student with the best past paper. They’ve collected past articles for intermediate XI and XII students in the last 10 years. 

For your ease in planning for your tests, these past papers are not only available in their regular yearly format but also filtered chapter wise.

They provide students with confidence and comfort that they covered the mandatory part and all the technical weak spots.

#5 Improving Engagement:

Teaching is a form of art. Not everyone can do it. It is all about how it is being presented and conveyed. 

These teaching Techniques matters a lot. We mostly fall asleep in history classes because it’s boring and, more importantly, the teacher is boring and not entertaining. So entertaining features matter a lot in Teaching. My Inter Academy provides students with Interesting Animations During lectures, which enhances the student learning experience.

Also, it provides the student with Challenging Quizzes. That boosts their confidence level. Also, it helps a student in the revision of earlier concepts. 

Weekly Tests and regular assignments are provided to improve the overall performance of a student. 

#7 Online learning is time-efficient

Online Learning saves time to an average of 25% to 60% compared to traditional coaching and tuition centers. 

Altogether it takes less time to do self-pace Learning Because you know your capability of Learning, so you manage accordingly. 

In Traditional Learning Methods of Coaching center and schools, the teacher focuses on each student; that’s why he needs to be slow with the process of Teaching so every student can catch up with him.

This results in a highly time-efficient learning approach for both students and teachers, combined with the benefits of self-paced e-learning. 

Modifying school curricula in conventional learning institutions is a lengthy and complicated process that is frequently avoided due to its difficulty. 

However, in the case of e-learning, lessons can be delivered and reviewed quickly and efficiently-even within days. 

Using in combination with data-oriented E-Learning Analytics, these improvements to the learning materials are not only focused on theory but also facts.


#7 More Affordable Than the conventional Coaching Centers:

Not everyone in our society can afford Schools and coaching together. They Don’t even ask their parents to enroll them into one. Here for those students, the Internet is like a lifesaver.

Online Learning is usually a more economical choice because you would be offered a high-quality education at a much lower cost due to the reduced overhead required to offer such programs. 

Not only does the tuition appear to be smaller, but other expenditures are also avoided with an online application, such as travel costs and course materials. 


However, one cannot neglect the cost of online Learning; it is still a significant investment. But its relatively cheaper than any other conventional method. 

Many students do not enroll and try studying online due to fear of scamming websites and the myth that Online studying is very Expensive. 

Its al false Online Education will always be less expensive than the other coaching centers and tutors even from Private schools and colleges. 

My Inter Academy provides students with an affordable fee structure. It gives a 7-day free trial to every student to try and analyze its awesome features. 

They made the fee structure after considering all the facts and figures of our society’s Economy.

They found that regular commuting consumes a lot of students’ time and resources, which is one of the major drawbacks of a traditional learning process, so making education available from anywhere at any time was My Inter Academy’s primary aim.

Since we live in a community that is financially incapable of delivering high-quality education, we believe this approach would prove to be an effective resource for the masses to learn.

And will often be more flexible in finding ways to help students finish in less time (thus reducing their overall tuition), such as transfer credit options, giving credit for previous academic experience and on-the-job training, and accelerated courses.

Many students, particularly adult learners pursuing undergraduate degrees, find that they pay much less than the overall “sticker price” due to the credit they gain from various sources during the admissions process.

Moreover, E-Learning is a paperless process of Learning; thus, it protects the environment to many extents. 

It is Eco, friendly, and highly recommendable. Due to the broad set of benefits Technology gives to students, eLearning has become quite popular and appreciated among students worldwide.

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