Best Future Field For Intermediate/ FSc Pre Medical Students

Best Future Field For Inter/ FSc Pre Medical Students

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When we hear about the Medical field, only two of the fields come into our Pakistani mind: MBBS and BDS.

In Pakistan, we create a mindset that you want to become a doctor if you choose pre-medical.

What we don’t know is that there are many other amazing fields in the Pre-medical career.

Many students don’t have any idea of the fields other than MBBS and BDS.

Some might know it but still obsessed over MBBS.

That’s because our society is obsessed with MBBS and BDS.

Every parent wants their child to become a Doctor or a Dentist; they never say become an environmentalist, biologist, or a vet.

Karachi, Pakistan, has limited seats for MBBS and BDS, and the merit is too high.

Not everybody can be a doctor, and MBBS is not the only Field left in the world.

Don’t get disheartened if you did not get admission because there is always very tough competition in these two fields.

In Pakistan, there is no proper guidance for career counseling.

It has now started, but still, many of us are clueless.

After their Intermediate pre-medical, many of the students are confused and feel stress due to a lack of choices.

Many of us know that we are not made for MBBS and BDS or Pharmacy, so they feel stuck.

But now, to an extent, the world has changed, people now are acknowledging and respecting other Pre-medical fields too.

Here is the list of Pre-medical Fields other than MBBS and BDS in Karachi.

#1 Pharmacy:

This Field is also famous after MBBS and BDS. It also has high competition and less number of seats.

Many universities are offering it.

The study of pharmacy deals with the study of medicinal drugs, chemistry, the pharmaceutical manufacturing and engineering of these drugs and their analysis.

Students who want to become doctors can also opt for this Field to become doctors of medicine.

It is the Pharmacist who makes medicines for sick people.

The Doctor only tells you wants wrong with you and prescribe you medicines. The Pharmacist makes those medicines.

#2 DVM (Veterinary Doctor):

It is one of the remarkable Fields which we all don’t know much about.

Veterinary Doctor is related to the diseases, injuries, and treatment of farm and domestic animals.

It is also a 5-year degree program. With time, in Pakistan, the need for vets is increasing day by day.

There are many other fields related to Animals in Pakistan like Veterinary Technician.

It’s a great field with a bright future.

#3 DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy):

It is also a 5-year program in Pakistan with a wide scope.

It is the subfield of medicine and health sciences.

It is the study of human anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, genetics, and many more subjects.

It is rehab illation of Patients who are handicapped as a result of an accident or shock, or any factor.

A physiotherapist helps patients restoring to their usual self, regaining muscle power, and improving the movements and mobilization.

Students who have the empathy component in them should opt for this Field.

It is another great field in Pakistan.


Psychology is the study of the mind.

You struggle with complex social, moral, and mental disorders. It is also one of the growing Fields.

Many human brains with a mental disorder and some are people who develop mental disorders with time.

The student who is interested in the betterment of such people can opt for psychology and enjoy the concept of developing the mind.

Pakistan has an increasing population experiencing depression and anxiety.

And that’s why Clinical psychology in Pakistan is now much needed.

#4 Nursing:

Nursing is also a great Field which consists of 4 years program. It is the study of the health care of patients.

It is an essential and respectable field all over the world.

We encourage more and more students to consider Nursing. There are further specialization in the nursing field, for example, child nursing.

#5 Environmental science

Environmental study is an interesting field. It is the study of the environment and steps to makes towards improving the world environment.

Environmental engineering works to develop components such as air, water, and soil to allow sustainable use of the resources available. The departments dealing with pollution, soil, agriculture, and forestry, have the potential for extensive research and development areas, especially in the government sector. This Field is working for the betterment of the whole world.

#6 Biotechnology:

Biotechnology is another new field you would be listening about, but it’s old just not common in Pakistan.

Biotechnology deals with the study of bio Technology equipment and science.

It is a useful branch of biology that requires extensive research and development in the Field of biology with modern technology.

By using cellular and bimolecular processes, a biotechnologist is making lives easy.


#7 Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, it involves studying their cell structure and how they affect us.

It is studies of the organism which are not visible through the naked eye.

A microbiologist is an essential part of every hospital and medical procedure.

All the lab works are under them; they diagnose bacteria or any miscalculation in the human body. It is a specialized field and considered a good career path.

It is divided into subfields like parasitology, mycology bacteriology, and many more fields.

#8 Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition is a growing field and needed much more.

More and more people are getting sick because of unhygienic excellent and unhealthy.

Health is a problem; Good health does not constitute the standard.

With the growing culture of eating out, there is an increase in dramatic health issues.

Nutrient Specialists in diets build value for human lives.

They build diets and help to establish a healthier community.

#9 Zoology:

Zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the studies of the animal kingdom.

It concerns animals’ every point of view, i.e., their behavior, ecosystem, physiology, anatomy, microorganism, and many more things.

Zoology is a fascinating subject as it covers vast, interesting topics.

Zoologist is also a researched-based study where they research the migration, diseases, natural habitats, and human impact on their lives.

#10 Botany

Botany is the branch of biology that deals with the study of plants.

The Botany word itself means the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and plants’ economic importance.

The purpose of studying botany is to improve areas of agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.

This is a specialized field with several niche career paths.

You may become a plant breeder or botanist.

Furthermore, you will work as an Ecologist.

Most graduates with a degree in Botany choose to work in the agriculture and horticultural fields.

With the influx of dense populations, getting environmental botanists is significant.

They contribute to creating an effective and strong ecosystem.


There are many more Fields other than MBBS and BDS, so the article’s whole point was to educate people and give them directions.

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