Best Website for Intermediate online classes

Best Website for Intermediate online classes

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Playing hide and seek with covid has been the best experience of our lives especially for the students of intermediate Sindh board and Punjab board because not only you managed to successfully crack your examinations but you got a chance to laze around the house and critically wonder about one question that had been haunting your nightmares!…. “Rasoray main kon tha?!”. A very important question indeed..but finally the most important question is yet to be asked and answered which is “what should be done now?”


Since the start of the lockdown, we all know that the world we know is no longer a viable place it is vulnerable, especially the world of education, and surely this will not be the last plague to happen, although it wasn’t the deadliest, but it was still a calamity that changed the socio-economic structure of our society, and we all know the fact that education would never be the same anymore. With online learning becoming a viable option being the safest and most accessible, here are the 3 best websites for your intermediate online classes.

  1. Ilm Ki Dunya

Ilm ki Dunya is the true king of the online world, it is one of the first educational websites that pioneered the online learning formula through youtube tutorial videos, especially for the Sindh board Punjab board group of students. It first appeared in the era of expensive 2g broadband connections where companies like WITRIBE and QUBEE used to rule the Netscape of Pakistan while expensive modem dial-up was still common. But despite the technological limitations, it’s technology and formula managed to hold up,  and the website managed to support thousands of students who were not privileged enough to financially support their studies. 

Along with facilities such as online results, valid news, and articles about education, and much free technical-vocational training, it is truly the master website that started it all made online learning in Pakistan a possibility.

Most of the students that studied from ilm ki Dunya belonged to the Sindh board hence they would just search online Sindh classes and the top result that the web would offer was ilm ki Dunya.

Although ilm ki Dunya is still there. The website now has a cluster of problems that it needs to address, such as the old UI which still gives a retro look, many unsavory ads, which gives the student a horrible experience.

Although a king of a long-gone era Ilm Ki Dunya has passed the torch of Online education to a different and more adaptable platform which is:-

  1. is the poster child of ilm ki Dunya, the intermediate lectures that were available on ilm ki Dunya are now locked behind the paywall, with live classes and LMS added to the mix, the has shed that old clunky UI of ilm ki Dunya and came out as a proper player in the world of EDTECH.

With its LMS Ilm Ki Dunya is offering FSc Online Classes, meanwhile, Online Sindh classes are also available but only in form of live sessions. The is one of the few platforms in Pakistan that is offering 1st year and 2nd year online classes professionally with dedication. 

But the formula and website are still immature, where 100 percent potential of recorded video lectures is not utilized.

The intermediate studies based on recorded video lectures have massive potential, you can inject life into a lifeless subject such as chemistry and physics by injecting well-crafted animations and simulations, which not only makes lectures engaging but fun as well, while a student can also better grasp the basic concepts much easily as compared to a simple video lecture. vastly falls behind in this aspect 


  1. My Inter Academy

While Ilm ki Dunya was a king of the old, my inter academy is the rising dragon of the forthcoming era. By perfectly interpreting its international counterparts my inter academy has successfully mastered the art of online learning. 

It is the true E-learning website of a massive scale, with education being imparted through their state of the Learning Management System (LMS), and lectures supervised by a content department that is filled to brim with subject matter experts, every instructor at my inter academy is a university graduate who delivers their lecture with passion and charisma. 

Hence the lectures are full of beautifully crafted animation and simulations, which makes it easier for the student to crack difficult concepts of chemistry and physics. While learning glass technology ensure a personal touch that is required between a student and an instructor. 

Trusted by 20,000 enrolled students my inter academy is the first and foremost premium online learning platform that has appeared as a proper online institute.

WIth courses priced at a reasonable cost along with free notes and free solved intermediate past papers, it is reachable and 24/7 available and provides unlimited access to its student, you can start my inter academy with a 7 day free trial today just click on the link below to register right now.

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