Can Online Education Be a Guiding light in These Covid Times

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Do you feel COVID-19 has turned your world upside down? Has your study routine, discipline, and drive to work flown out the window? Do you feel online classes can never replace the good ol’ physical classroom?

Even though you might be lamenting over the loss of routine and missing your schools and intermediate colleges, we must focus on the silver lining in this cloud.

In order to look for the upside to any situation the first thing is to accept the reality: the educational institutes were the first to close as COVID 19 hit Pakistan and will certainly, as the government has warned, be the last to open. As the cases of coronavirus continue to rise, we see no indication that this closure of educational institutes will be lifted anytime soon.

Yes, the challenges of initiating online education in a developing country like Pakistan, are innumerable. There is the money that goes into a gadget that gives you access to a virtual classroom. Secondly, the woes of power failure are sure to wreck havoc upon the smooth running of these classes. And it is excruciatingly frustrating when the wi-fi connection crashes!

Yet, we may have gone into attending online classes complaining and groaning at the inception, however, we have stumbled upon a brighter side. Believe it or not, there are a series of previously undiscovered benefits revealing themselves.

Even though you may be craving human interaction be it with your peers or teachers, yet, here are five pros that online education bring to us:



Online classes and resources can be accessed by students if they miss a class. Most teachers use videos and recorded resources to teach concepts to students, especially in Sciences and Math. Many online class softwares also come with the class recording option. These videos and recordings which can be shared with students or be used to revise concepts even at a later date.


The initial cost of buying a gadget and a powerful internet connection to allow for online education may seem steep to you yet in the long run you will see that you are actually saving on the cost of commute, uniforms as well as the time and energy that comes with it.

Building Exposure:

Because there is no restriction of time or space in an online class, there is an opportunity for you to connect with experts or peers from any part of the globe. This will surely give you a broader perspective of the world and instill a respect for all cultures which is a valuable life skill sure to benefit you in your practical lives.



As a student, you have access to resource materials, lectures, presentations, projects and assignments which are stored on cloud. You can refer to them instantly whenever and wherever you may need them which saves time and material resources, easing the process of learning and revising for you.


Creating Value for Time:

Teachers put in a truckload of effort when planning for an online class and are very vigilant about making sure every minute counts in a 40 to 30 minute class. As a student this is the best opportunity to gain the most information in a limited time. It makes you realize just how much you can get done in a limited time.

Online classes are here to stay and with the right frame of mind you can enjoy this controlled learning environment, have access to learning material and wider opportunities. After all, this may just be the education system in the new normal of the new future.


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