The Right Way to Use Casio New CLASSWIZ fx-991EX Scientific Calculator

A Joint Collaboration Training by My Inter Academy and Casio Pakistan

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Calculator Features

Casio’s latest scientific calculator, ClassWiz* can show you a graphical representation of your data on your smartphone.

High-Resolution Display (4 times better than ES Plus)

4×4 matrix calculation

Solutions for up to 4 unknowns

Solves up to 4th polynomials

World’s only spreadsheet calculator

QR code visualization Several new features.

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How to use Casio New CLASSWIZ fx-991EX Scientific Calculator the Right Way

MyInterAcademy in collaboration of Casio Pakistan has developed a free course for students on how to use original Casio CLASSWIZ fx-991EX scientific calculator. This training will teach the students the proper application and usage of all the key functions of CLASSWIZ.

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About the Instructor

Sir. Murtaza Haider (MSc. Mathematics)

Sir Murtaza is the mathematics teacher at He has attained qualification of MSc Mathematics from well-renowned University of Karachi. He has an exquisite style of teaching with calm, collected and a soothing voice. But behind his docile demeanor is a mind of a mathematical devil who has an ability to play with equations and formula like a mad scientist.

Students can follow along Sir Murtaza exclusively at in their quest to achieve a high quality yet affordable education.

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Learning Outcomes

After this course students can


Validate problems regarding the calculus that consists of integration and differentiation.

Validate Matrix calculations up to 4th order, Simultaneous linear equations up to 4 unknown and 4th-degree polynomials.

Gain the ability to solve Statistical Distributions.

Computer Science Students can conduct Base N Conversions i.e Binary to decimal, decimal to hexa etc.

Also validate vector calculations containing Determinants, inverses etc.

*”CASIO” is a registered trademark of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd., Japan. All brands, logos, Internet addresses, product or model descriptions referring to products or services belonging to CASIO or to firms linked to CASIO.

We envision a nursery which transforms an intermediate student into a successful candidate who is ready secure a position in the top notch institutes around the globe.

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