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Biology is an important subject for Science students assigned by the Sindh Government. By achieving good grades in this subject, students can pursue their majors in Biology and achieve their desired profession. v=rUlPYvQJ77w

What you’ll learn

Students will understand Biology concepts clearly with professional methods.

9th Class Biology Online lectures

Life is the beautiful moment in which we live before death. The natural processes which involve life origin are taught in the field of sciences, known as 9th class Biology online lectures . You will get the idea of life in animals and plants by taking this 9th Biology online lectures course.

This course is the milestone for those who love to pursue a career in the medical field or want to be a biotechnologist because it is the mandatory course for understanding systems including the digestive and respiratory system. It covers 100 marks in the Board of Intermediate Examination.

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Sir. Ebad

Biology– 9th Class Sindh Board

Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Ebad Ali is a self-directed, action-oriented professional with five years of teaching experience. With his relentless commitment to delivering the most complex concepts in a comprehensible manner by using a diagram as an aid for the students to visualize the structures and their functions. Having completed his MBBS from Dow Medical College, he then appeared as a scientific researcher and debater. All his traits show how successful, authentic, and reliable a teacher he is.


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