9th Class Chemistry Online Lectures | Sindh Board

MyInterAcademy.com offers Chemistry course. These series of video lectures are delivered by a qualified teacher Miss Shafaq Shaikh. Moreover, animations, virtual lab simulation, online assessments, games, mcqs and notes are part of this course.

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What you’ll learn

Students will understand Chemistry concepts clearly with professional methods.

9th Class Chemistry Online Lectures | Sindh Board

9th Class Chemistry Online Lectures, experiments, animations and daily life examples are used to give you a deeper understanding of the surrounding scientific processes and its relation with technology, society, and the environment. This includes the concepts: structure of atoms, chemical and physical changes, periodicity, and the calculations of chemical quantities.

Course Features for 9th Class Chemistry Online Lectures


  • Video lectures of all the topics
  • Topic wise assessments for real time evaluation
  • Assignments for practice
  • Topic wise Past Papers to demonstrate the importance of each topic
  • Study Plans to set weekly targets
  • WhatsApp group for student queries


Chapter 1 Introduction concept of chemistry

This is the first introductory chapter for beginners to interact with 

  • Concept and history of Chemistry. 
  •  Branches of chemistry, its impact to the society and Chemists approach to prove their chemical discoveries.

Chapter 2 Chemical Combinations

In this chapter we will be dealing with

  • Laws of Chemical combinations and Numerical problems
  • Atomic mass, empirical formula, molecular formula mass, molecular formula, formula mass, molar mass and Avogadro’s number. 
  • Conversion of mass into moles and vice versa 
  •  Chemical reactions and its types. 
  • Writing and balancing chemical equations and concept of Mole-ratio

Chapter 3 Atomic structure

This chapter will cover all the basic concepts related to

  • Structure of an atom, its theories and discovery of electron, proton and neutron.
  • The discovery of radio activity, Rutherford and Bohr’s Atomic model 
  •  Isotopes and its applications. 
  • Electronic configuration based on Bohr’s Atomic model

Chapter 4 Periodicity of Elements

In this chapter you will be able to know about the

  • History of classification of elements and periodic table. 
  • Periodic properties of atoms.

Chapter 5 Chemical Bonding

This chapter will cover all the

  • Chemical bonds, its characteristics and forces acting on it

Chapter 6 States of Matter

In this chapter you will learn about the 

  • States of matter and kinetic Molecular Theory 
  • Laws of Diffusion of gas and liquid.

Chapter 7 Solution and Suspension

In this Chapter you will learn about the 

  • Solutions and its type
  •  Solubility and the process of crystallization. 
  • Calculate the strengths of solution and 
  • Suspension

Chapter 8 Electrochemistry

In this chapter you will be introduce with the concept of

  • Process of energy interconversion 
  • Faraday laws of electrolysis and will solve problems to understand the topic more clearly. 
  •  Electroplating and its applications  
  • Electrochemical cell and its applications
  • Batteries and its application 

Chapter 9 Acids, Bases and Salts

In this chapter you will be introduce with 

  • Introduction to acids and bases
  • Properties acid and base along with their theories. 
  • Neutralization, basicity of acids, acidity of bases and strength of acid and base.
  •  Salt, its types and preparation. 
  • Properties of water, pH
  •  Acid-base titration and concept of molarity

At the end of the chapter you will be able to solve numerical problems

Chapter 10 Chemical Energetics

In this chapter you will learn about 

  • Thermochemical reactions and its application
  • Heat contents of the reaction, enthalpy and heat of neutralization 

At the end of the chapter you will be able to solve numerical problems


Miss. Shafaq Shaikh

Chemistry – IX First Year Sindh Board

Ms. Shafaq Shaikh is a dedicated and devoted teacher. The zeal about her subject is a clear manifestation that chemistry is all about concepts and basic learning. She has acquired her degree in respective subject from the University Of Karachi. Her steadfast behavior has allowed her to use skills of teaching and delivering knowledge wisely in order to make her students assertive enough through the aid of Visual Learning. Besides that her constant motivation and hard work with students is a key to achieve desirable grades.

Students all across Pakistan can access Ms.Shafaq Shaikh’s lectures only at MyInterAcademy.com, where they can achieve affordable, easily accessible and high-quality education at any place at any time.

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