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With the growing demand for technical education, mathematics has become a valuable subject of study. Here at Myinteracademy.com, we are providing full mathematics course with the help of online recorded lectures and solved exercises. v=V_x87ujUkmw

What you’ll learn

Students will understand Mathematics concepts clearly with professional methods.

9th Class Maths Online Lectures | Punjab Board

This course of 9th Class Maths Online Lectures aims to strengthen the foundation of mathematics in students. For this purpose, topics related to linear algebra, numbers classification, algebraic expressions, formulae and manipulation, coordinate geometry and graphs, demonstrative geometry of triangles and other polygons, and practical geometry of triangles are included. Animations and real life examples are included in recorded lectures relevant to the topics to make the topics more meaningful.

My inter academy is an online learning platform that offers 24/7 education anywhere anytime with qualified instructors, beautiful lectures laced with well crafted animations and all of this is supported by a state of the LMS.


Sir. Masab Khalid

Mathematics – IX Class Punjab Board

Sir Masab Khalid is an amazing teacher whose services to MyInterAcademy.com are of indeterminable importance. He is an ACCA member and a graduate from university of Karachi. This achievement is proof of his unfathomable knowledge and command over his teaching subject. Sir Masab Khalid also has amazing God gifted creative sense which he expertly utilities in his lectures in form of animation providing students with a Luxurious seven-star learning experience.
Students all across Pakistan can access Sir Masab’s lectures only at MyInterAcademy.com, where they can achieve affordable, easily accessible and high-quality education at any place and at any time.


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