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Physics is the study of nature, properties of matter, energy and its inter-conversion from one form to another. The subject of physics is considered as a poster child of mathematics because its roots have emerged from the field of Mathematics. v=mJrWsEnLHMs

What you’ll learn

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9th Class Physics Online Lectures | Punjab Board

A course in 9th Class Physics online lectures covers the basic concepts, principles, and history of physics. 

The majority of the topics are related to the mechanics and selected topics of heat.

In order to teach practical aspects of physics and give hands-on experience, laboratories have been equipped with the latest equipment. All lectures are being recorded using animations and real-life examples as well as physical instruments for enhanced learning. 


Course features


  • Video lectures of all the topics. 
  • Topic-wise assessments for real-time evaluation 
  • Assignments for practice.
  • Topic-wise Past Papers to demonstrate the importance of each topic.
  • Study Plan to set weekly targets.
  • WhatsApp group for student queries.


Chapters Description


The first chapter of the book is “Physical Quantities and Measurement” in which we will discuss: 


  • Introduction to Physics.
  • Physical quantities and their units.
  • Scientific Notation and prefixes.


  • Measuring instruments and their application. 
  • Significant figures and their solved examples.


The second chapter of the book is “Kinematics” in which we will discuss: 


  • Kinematics and its application.


  • Scalar and Vector quantities. 
  • Distance, Displacements, Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration with solved problems.
  • Graphical analysis of motion.
  • Three equations of motion with derivation and solved problems.
  • The motion under gravity.


The third chapter of the book is “Dynamics” in which we will discuss: 


  • Force, Inertia, and Momentum with real-life examples.
  • Newton’s laws of motion with its application and numericals.


    • Difference between mass and weight.
    • Tension and Acceleration in a string with their solved problems. 
    • Momentum and law of conservation of momentum with its application and solved problems.
    • Fiction, their types, importance, and drawbacks.


  • Uniform circular motion with examples.
  • Centripetal acceleration and force, centrifugal force, and centrifuge examples.



The fourth chapter of the book is “Turning Effect of Forces” in which we will discuss: 


  • Parallel forces with real-life examples.
  • Addition of Forces (Head to Tail Rule) with the help of solved examples.


    • Resolution of vectors and composition of vectors by its rectangular components.


  • Torque with its application and solved problems.


  • Centre of Mass and Center of gravity of regular and irregular shapes.
  • The couple, Equilibrium of bodies under the action of forces.
  • Two conditions of equilibrium and their solved problems. 
  • States of equilibrium with its application. 
  • Stability and Position of Centre of Mass.


The fifth chapter of the book is “Gravitation” in which we will discuss: 

  • Newton’s law of universal gravitation, its derivation, and solved problems.
  • Gravitational Field. 
  • Universal gravitational constant and Mass of the Earth.
  • Variation in value of g with altitude.
  • Artificial satellites and their derivation. 


The sixth chapter of the book is “Work and Energy” in which we will discuss: 


  • Work, with solved problems.
  • Energy and their types of real-life examples and solved problems.
  • Forms of Energy, Inter-conversion of Energy, and Sources of Energy.
  • Mass-Energy Equation, Flow diagram of Energy, Energy, and Environment with real-life examples.


  • Efficiency and Power with solved problems.


The seventh chapter of the book is “Properties of Matter” in which we will discuss: 


  • KMT of Matter, Density.
  • Pressure and Atmospheric Pressure with practical examples.
  • Pressure in liquids, Pascal’s law, and its application.
  • Archimedes Principle and its application to determine density with practical examples.


  • Principle of Floatation and its application.
  • Elasticity, Stress, Strain, Hooke’s law, and Young modulus using practical elaboration. 


The eighth chapter of the book is “Thermal Properties of Matter” in which we will discuss: 


  • Heat, Temperature and thermometer with its application. 


    • The evaporation, Heat capacity, latent heat of fusion and vaporization with examples and solved problems.


  • Thermal expansion in solids with practical demonstration, its application, and consequences. 
  • Bimetallic strip and its application.


  • Expansion in Liquids.

The ninth chapter of the book is “Transfer of Heat” in which we will discuss: 

  • Conduction, Thermal conductivity.
  • Uses of Conductors and Non-conductors with solved problems.
  • Convection and uses of convection currents.
  • Radiations and its consequences.

Sir. Naeem Abbas

Physics – IX  Punjab Board

Syed Naeem is certainly one of the most profound teachers
available at MyInterAcademy.com. His fabulous educational background is his clear reflection of skills as he has managed to attain a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics from prestigious University of Karachi. Sir Naeem is the man who really knows how to attract attention from his students with his jolly and fun style of teaching. Moreover, his unique certainly coincides with the motto of My Inter Academy.com which is “Making Learning Fun.”


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