Bundle Packages: Physics Chemistry Maths XI |Pre-Engineering| Sindh Board

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Chemistry is the study that deals with the structure, properties, and composition of a matter. This subject is not only important for the students of Pre-engineering and Pre-medical but it also plays a vital role in different high impact researches such as alloy fabrication, liquid crystals, and ionic liquids. FSc Sindh XI Chemistry course consists of 8 chapters, The paper is divided into 3 parts: objective, subjective and practical examination.


Physics is the study of nature, properties of matter, energy and its interconversion from one form to another. The subject of physics is considered a poster child of mathematics because its roots have emerged from the field of Mathematics. The course of Physics spans over 10 chapters, containing a fair amount of lectures, derivations and numerical with little theory.


Mathematics is a vast scientific subject that assists other scientific fields of engineering, medical and commerce. It is the harbinger of all modern creations and discoveries.

BIE 1st year mathematics consists of 13 chapters, most of the chapters teach students new concepts.

Mathematics examinations conducted by BIE Sindh are lengthy and they will test students’ concepts and focus. Moreover, the test paper is divided into two parts of subjective (80 marks) and an objective part containing 20 marks worth of mcqs.

Miss. Shafaq Shaikh

Chemistry – XI First Year Sindh Board

Sir. Naeem

Physics – XI First Year Sindh Board

Sir. Murtaza

Mathematics – XI First Year Sindh Board


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