Mathematics is an important part in dealing with business calculations. This mathematical calculation necessary for money counting and account keeping is termed as business mathematics. The 1st year business math is an elective subject with a relatively short course consisting of only 7 chapters. This subject is only affiliated with commerce group in particular for students who want to make their careers in financial analysis, Budget analysis E.T.C. According to examination points of view, only 50 marks are allotted to this subject and minimum passing marks are 22.5. has launched an online learning platform where students can follow this 70-hour long course at any place at any time with the help of recorded lectures, animations, the virtual lab, solved exercises and online assessments.

Business Mathematics - XI First Year - Sindh Board

Subject name Business Math
Class XI/1st year
Board Sindh board
Subject Affiliation Commerce
Book Chapters Count 6
Subject Type Elective
Paper Type Subjective and Objective
Marks scheme Total= 50

  • Subjective=40
  • Objective=10
Minimum Passing Marks 22/50
Subject features Online recorded lecture, online assessments, solved excersices and games.

1.1 Real numbers
1.2 Four operations
1.3 Coefficients and exponents
1.4 Algebra expressions

2.1 Linear function and slope
2.2 Quadratic function
2.3 Direction, roots and vertex

3.1 Conversion
3.2 Addition
3.3 Division
3.4 Multiplication
3.5 Subtraction

4.1 Types of ratios
4.2 Proportion
4.3 Percentage, profit and loss,
sales price and discount

5.1 Linear equation
5.2 Quadratic equation
5.3 Simultaneous equation
5.4 Different methods of
solving equations

6.1 Matrix and its different forms
6.2 Determinants
6.3 Cramer’s Rule

7.1 Simple interest
7.2 Compound interest
7.3 Effective rate of interest
7.4 Annuity and its present value
7.5 Amortization
7.6 Sinking fund


Interactive 3D Simulations to help you build concepts fast.


Quizzes and assignments to prepare you for exams along the way.


Powerful teaching techniques help you digest information easily.


Front board technique to keep you more engaged with an instructor.


Ask questions in comments when in doubt and get answers quickly.


Better learning experience than a crowded classroom in half of a fee.

Business Mathematics - XI First Year - Sindh Board

Sir. Amjad Niaz

Business Mathematics – XI First Year Sindh Board

Sir Amjad is a part of commerce teaching faculty at and he has proven himself to be an invaluable part of the family, sir Amjad Niaz is a Masters of Commerce from the esteemed University of Karachi, With his natural talent in handling the concepts of commerce and his charming and enthusiastic teaching style can certainly captivate students. To further impart proper knowledge to students and increase their learning experience, Sir Amjad Niaz also utilizes modern technology in form of visionary animations that are directly related to his teaching topics.

Students can easily follow Sir Amjad Niaz lectures on business maths and Principles of Accounting exclusively at with the help of online recorded lectures that students can access at any place at any time as long as they are connected to the internet.

Review Business Mathematics – XI First Year – Sindh Board.

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  • 6004,590
  • 300 Days

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