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Chapter 10: The Kingdom Animalia – Zoology XI First Year Punjab Board

We are proud to present where students can access Zoology XI course and learn under the guidance of Miss Kainat (MBBS Student of SMC University). students can access these recorded lectures at their leisure.


It is the fifth chapter of XI Zoology Punjab Board titled “The Kingdom Animalia”. Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. In this chapter, you will be studying nine major phyla, their species and individuals which play an important role in an ecological community.

These concept will be easy for you in accordance to these features:

  • Coverage of all the topics in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments to Students for real time evaluation and assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Topic wise Past Papers to classify the importance of each topic.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set their targets on weekly basis.
  • Discussion forum for student queries


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