Chapter 11: Ecosystem | Botany – XII Second Year – Sindh Board

Botany is an important subject primarily because it is the scientific study of plants used in many aspects of human life.Second Year Botany consists of 10 chapters. Students can study and learn all these chapters at Myinteracademy.


Ecosystem is the ninth chapter of XII Botany Sindh Board. Ecosystem and Environment has relation which is discussed as scientific study known as Environmental biology. This chapter focus on ecological studies begins with group of organisms and ends on ecosystem by elaborating The Ecosystem, Levels of Organization, Approaches to Biology, Biogeochemical cycles and Ecological Succession.

These concept will be easier for you in accordance with the below mentioned features:

  • Coverage of all the topics in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments to Students for real time evaluation and assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Topic wise Past Papers to classify the importance of each topic.
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  • WhatsApp group for student queries.


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