Chapter 11- Heat | Physics | Inter/Fsc | Pre-engineering XII | Sindh Board

The paper pattern of BIE Sindh 2nd year is being divided into 3 parts respectively: subjective, objective and practical examination. the following course is 10 chapters moreover it also provides students with animations, simulation, mcqs, and online recorded lectures.

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This is the first Chapter of XII PHYSICS titled ‘Heat’. It is one of the most important Chapter from paper perspective and essentially contains all the basic concepts of Heat like Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Gas Laws, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Specific Heat Capacity, Molar Specific Heat, First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, Carnot Engine and Entropy. We will discuss all these topics and also solve Examples and Problems (Numericals) to gain a thorough understanding of these topics.

These concepts will be easier for you in accordance with the below mentioned features:

  • Coverage of all the topics in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments to Students for real time evaluation and assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Topic wise Past Papers to demonstrate the importance of each topic.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set weekly targets.
  • WhatsApp group for student queries.

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