Chapter 13: Carboxylic Acids – Chemistry XII Second Year Punjab Board offers Chemistry course according to the topics assigned by textbook. These video lectures are delivered by a qualified teacher Ms.Zunaira Aslam. Moreover, animations, virtual lab, online assessments, mcqs and notes are part of this course.


The carboxyl containing functional group Carboxylic acids has been explicated in thirteen chapter of XII Chemistry Punjab Board. If you like pickles then you should know that acetic acid is used in manufacturing of pickles. Another functional group containing carboxyl and amino group is also a part of this chapter named as Amino Acids. Yes these are those amino acids which form peptide linkage to produce proteins in our body. You can unriddle their differences or similarities by acquiring complete knowledge of their Reactions and Properties.

These concept will be easier for you in accordance with the below mentioned features:

  • Coverage of all the topics in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments to Students for real time evaluation and assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Topic wise Past Papers to classify the importance of each topic.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set weekly targets.
  • WhatsApp group for student queries.


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