Chapter 4: Liquids and Solids – Chemistry XI First Year Punjab Board offers Chemistry course. These series of video lectures are delivered by a qualified teacher. Moreover, animations, virtual lab simulation, online assessments, games, mcqs and notes are part of this course.


Liquids and Solids is the fourth chapter of XI Chemistry Punjab Board. This chapter has sections. First one is Liquid and another one is Solid. In Liquid section, you will be aware of the reason that why liquid acquire the shape of vessel by understanding the Inter molecular forces. Then the type of bonding result due to Inter Molecular Forces in liquid is being described which is known as Hydrogen Bonding. Furthermore conversion of liquid into another states of matter have been discussed. In second section, solid, it’s Classification, Crystals and their Classification and their structures have been elaborated in detail.

These concept will be easier for you in accordance with the below mentioned features:

  • Coverage of all the topics in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments to Students for real time evaluation and assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Topic wise Past Papers to classify the importance of each topic.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set weekly targets.
  • WhatsApp group for student queries.


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