Chapter 7: Circle | Mathematics XII Second Year Sindh Board

Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is said that this subject makes a man systematic. The paper is divided into two parts: subjective and objective(mcqs)

What you’ll learn

Students will understand Mathematics concepts clearly with professional methods.


This is the seventh Chapter of XII MATHEMATICS titled ‘Circle’. This Chapter is comprised of 3 exercises. In this Chapter we will start the Study of Conic section. We will Study about Circles in the Coordinate Geometry like we have Study Straight Lines, which includes different Equations of Circle and also its properties. This Chapter also have a significant importance from Exams point of view. It has the following salient features:

  • Coverage of all Exercise Questions in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments for Students, to have their real time evaluation, assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Exercise wise Past Papers, so that Students can easily classify the importance of each exercise.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set their targets on weekly basis.
  • Discussion forum for Student Queries.


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