English has become the basic requirement in every field of studies as it the language of education as well as the international means of communication. The influence of this language is deeply rooted in our education system that without its proper understanding a student can never hope to achieve success in his/her education. Because of this reason, Sindh Board has assigned English as one of the basic and most compulsory subjects associated with all the fields of education.

The BIE Sindh English paper has been allotted 100 marks; 80 marks assigned to subjective part while 20 marks are allotted to objective section.

English - XI First Year - Sindh Board


Subject name English
Class XI/1st year
Board Sindh board
Subject Affiliation
  • Pre-engineering
  • Pre-medical
  • Commerce
  • ICS
Book Chapters Count 8
Subject Type Compulsory
Paper Type Subjective And Objective
Marks scheme Total= 100

  • Subjective=80
  • Objective=20
Minimum passing marks 33/100
Subject features Online recorded lectures, virtual lab simulations, online assessments, notes, mcqs, and games.

1.1 Letter
1.2 Essay
1.3 Idioms

2.1 Pakistan Zindabad
2.2 Birkenhead Drill
2.3 My Bank Account
2.4 The United Nations
2.5 The Wolves of Cernogratz
2.6 The Hostile Witness
2.7 Science and Scientist, Science and Society

3.1 Under the Green wood Tree
3.2 The Character of Happy Life
3.3 The Abbot of Canterbury
3.4 Lines from the Deserted Village
3.5 The Lay of the Last Minstrel
3.6 Lucy Grey
3.7 Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
3.8 Incident of the French Camp
3.9 Abou Ben Adhem
3.10 I had Reached Your Doorstep
3.11 The Toy

4.1 Progess
4.2 The Count’s Revenge


Interactive 3D Simulations to help you build concepts fast.


Quizzes and assignments to prepare you for exams along the way.


Powerful teaching techniques help you digest information easily.


Front board technique to keep you more engaged with an instructor.


Ask questions in comments when in doubt and get answers quickly.


Better learning experience than a crowded classroom in half of a fee.

English - XI First Year - Sindh Board

Ms. Rida

English – XI First Year Sindh Board

English is a fabulous but complex language which is full of multiple grammatical concepts which are difficult to grasp without proper guidance, in order to provide students with proper guidance in this subject MyInterAcademy.com is introducing Miss Rida Amjad as a flagship mentor for teaching English, Miss Rida Amjad is highly qualified M.A English linguistics from the eminent University of Karachi.

Possessing a fluffy calm voice with comfortable and dynamic teaching style, she has the energy to get her concepts through the minds of her students, along with her transposable teaching style she can integrate many fun facts such as Animations and Simulations into her lectures.



Review English – XI First Year – Sindh Board.

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