English is one of the most important languages of modern time as it is widely used across all 7 continents. English is certainly a very important subject that a child, teenager and an adult must learn and understand how to use it properly. Because without knowing proper English, the language barrier may easily persist between students.

By assuming that students will learn proper communication skills without guidance is a big mistake. Individuals should begin learning basic communication skills at birth and continue learning throughout their educational experience.

English – XII Second Year – Sindh Board


Subject name English
Class XII/2nd year
Board Sindh Board
Subject Affiliation
  • Pre-engineering
  • Pre-medical
  • Commerce
  • ICS
Book Chapters Count 8
Subject Type Compulsory
Paper Type Subjective And Objective
Marks scheme Total= 75

  • Subjective=60
  • Objective=15
Minimum Passing Marks 25/75
Subject features Online recorded lectures, virtual lab simulations, online assessments, notes, mcqs, and games.

1.1 Essay
1.2 Passage
1.3 Idioms

2.1 20 Mins with Mrs Okentub
2.2 Reflections of Re-Awakening East
2.3 The Day the Dam Broke
2.4 Pakistan & Modern World
2.5 Act III Of the silver Box
2.6 The World As I See it
2.7 The Devoted Friend

3.1 7 Ages of Man
3.2 Man of life Upright
3.3 Samson Agonistes & Essay On Man
3.4 Solidarity Reaper & Music When Soft Voices Die
3.5 Lines from Endymion & Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth
3.6 Lines from Ulysses & The lost Star

4.1 Prisoner Of Zenda


Interactive 3D Simulations to help you build concepts fast.


Quizzes and assignments to prepare you for exams along the way.


Powerful teaching techniques help you digest information easily.


Front board technique to keep you more engaged with an instructor.


Ask questions in comments when in doubt and get answers quickly.


Better learning experience than a crowded classroom in half of a fee.

English – XII Second Year – Sindh Board


Sir. Adil Saleem

English- XII Second Year Sindh Board

Sir Adil Saleem is a computer research assistant from Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He is another top class teacher available at MyInterAcademy.com, Sir Adil Saleem is a man of many talents along with his mastery on the subject of a computer as represented by his employment. Also, he has incredible command over English linguistics, talented enough to warrant a teaching license in both subjects.

Sir Adil Saleem is a teacher with multiple styles of teaching. He can teach with diagrams, with words and demonstration and he constantly changes his style according to the topic. His modular style of teaching can certainly help students to learn complex concepts of Computer and Grammatical concepts of Intermediate level English such that they can attain better marks and understand both subjects.


Review English – XII Second Year – Sindh Board.

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