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1st Year Maths Chapter 1 Online Lectures inter Sindh board

With the growing demand for technical education, mathematics has become a valuable subject of study. Here at, we are providing full mathematics course with the help of online recorded lectures and solved exercises.

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Students will understand Mathematics concepts clearly with professional methods.


1st Year Maths Chapter 1 Online Lectures inter Sindh board

This is the first Chapter of 1st year Maths 1 titled ‘Sets’. It is the smallest Chapter in all comprising of just 1 exercise. This is the easiest Chapter where Students will be studying all the previous concepts like finding Union, Intersection, Complement, Cross Product, etc. though the sets do not have any particular physical application with your employed future, this chapter does teach you the basics of the organization and representation of any data ina proper presentable manner which will certainly be help full In any field that you are employed in. As there is countless data analytics software that uses basic sets such as Microsoft Excel which is part of Microsoft office. so what are you waiting to start learning about sets with the most affordable online platform in Pakistan that is my inter academy?

  • Coverage of all Exercise Questions in detail.
  • Providing topic wise assessments for Students, to have their real-time evaluation, assignments for practicing the questions.
  • Exercise wise Past Papers, so that Students can easily classify the importance of each exercise.
  • Study Plan for the Students to set their targets on a weekly basis.
  • Discussion forum for Student Queries.

The following course is taught by sir Murtaza who is MSc in mathematics from the prestigious University of Karachi, My inter academy also offers free notes and past appears along with access to live sessions in order to support your studies meanwhile active WhatsApp groups are available for the core and vital interaction with your instructor. hence presenting you with a complete learning solution within the comfort of your own room.

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