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Physics Chemistry Maths 9th Class Online lectures

In this course bundle, you will get Physics-Chemistry-Maths 9th Class Online lectures and notes along with past papers as well.


In this course, experiments, animations, and daily life examples are used to give you a deeper understanding of the surrounding scientific processes and its relation to technology, society, and the environment. This includes the concepts: structure of atoms, chemical and physical changes, periodicity, and the calculations of chemical quantities.


Physics is the study of nature, properties of matter, energy, and its interconversion from one form to another. The subject of physics is considered a poster child of mathematics because its roots have emerged from the field of Mathematics. The course of Physics spans over 10 chapters, containing a fair amount of lectures, derivations and numerical with little theory.


This course aims to strengthen the foundation of mathematics in students.  For this purpose, topics related to arithmetic, numbers classification, algebraic manipulation, and linear algebra, practical and demonstrative geometry of the triangle, and trigonometry are included. 

Animations and real-life examples are included in recorded lectures relevant to the topics to make the topics more meaningful. 

Shafaq My inter Academy
Miss. Shafaq

Chemistry – IX  Ninth Class Sindh Board

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Sir. Naeem

Physics – IX Ninth Class Sindh Board

Sir. Masab Khalid

Mathematics – IX  Ninth Class Sindh Board


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