A scientific calculator plays an important part in solving the problems of Mathematics, Physics, and commerce subjects. Not to forget, a person who knows how to properly utilize the functions of a calculator can easily conquer any numerical problem.Keeping the importance of the Scientific Calculator in mind, MyInteracademy.com has developed a free course for students on how to use original Casio CLASSWIZ fx-991EX scientific calculator. This short course will teach the students the proper application and usage of all the key functions of a scientific calculator.In addition, it is equally useful for the students of Intermediate Science, Commerce, O & A Levels, and Undergraduate.

This training is conducted by Sir Murtaza ( MSc Mathematics) and Sir Maisum (CIS NED University), both are Mathematics instructors at MyInterAcademy.com.

CLASSWIZ fx-991EX Special Features

  • Visually attractive
  • Total functions up to 552
  • Fast calculation response under 0.3 milliseconds.
  • Display expression same as a textbook and higher Resolution Display.
  • Easy menu function
  • Helpful for, matric, Inter, O levels, A levels, and undergraduate students.
  • It is also helpful for the problems of Physics, Stats and Computer science.
  • Now it can also solve 4×4 matrix calculations, simultaneous equation up to 4 unknowns, equations up to 4th degree.
  • It is worlds only spreadsheet calculator with QR code visualization.
  • Up to 12 Mathematical Mods available for easy Calculations.

Learning Outcomes

After this course students can:

  • Validate problems regarding the calculus that consists of integration and differentiation
  • Validate Matrix calculations up to 4th order, Simultaneous linear equations up to 4 unknown and 4th-degree polynomials.
  • Gain the ability to solve Statistical Distributions.
  • Computer Science Students can conduct Base N Conversions i.e Binary to decimal, decimal to hexa etc.
  • Also validate vector calculations containing Determinants, inverses etc.

Sir Mutaza

Sir Murtaza is the mathematics teacher at MyInterAcademy.com. He has attained qualification of MSc Mathematics from well-renowned University of Karachi. He has an exquisite style of teaching with calm, collected and a soothing voice. But behind his docile demeanor is a mind of a mathematical devil who has an ability to play with equations and formula like a mad scientist.

Students can follow along Sir Murtaza exclusively at MyInterAcademy.com in their quest to achieve a high quality yet affordable education.

Review The Right Way to Use Casio CLASSWIZ fx-991EX Scientific Calculator.

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