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My Inter Academy · July 7, 2021


My Inter Academy is an online learning platform that has previously facilitated many students in securing admissions in top universities across Pakistan.  To study with our top-tier teachers, you can join our first batch, Starting from 5th August 2021.


The Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi, was established in1984. The main goal of UBIT is to provide quality education and conduct computer science and information technology research. The objective of the plan focuses on the development of human research in the field of information technology. Specially designed research projects on computer, hardware and software engineering, IT, telecommunications software technology, high-tech data analysis technology, and CS/IT modern trends. 


  • HSC/ A-level / Equivalent (with mathematics) with minimum 55% marks. 
  • DAE (Computer / Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical) with minimum 65% marks. 


My Inter Academy is providing a magnificent opportunity for all students. We prepare our students for UBIT admission test through an online course which is available at our trailblazing and user-friendly LMS.  

Our Distinctive Features: 

  • Recorded Video lectures. 
  • Chapter wise MCQs Bank. 
  • Comprehensive notes are available in pdf format. 
  • Time-based online assessment. 
  • Weekly live sessions. 
  • Mock Test. 
  • WhatsApp guidance sessions from our experts in case you get confused and indecisive. 

 Course Details: 

 The course is also full of relevant content that will help you pass your UBIT admission test with flying colors. The course is curated according to the subject requirements of university. It consists of more than 10,000 MCQs with detailed descriptions and practices exercises for each topic. 

 Study Material:  

This course will make you focus on a few of the most important things that are Self-Study and concept clearance. And our course primarily focus on these aspects. Our Notes and Video lectures have been designed by experts after rigorous hard work. The MCQ covers all important topics from UBIT admission test point of view. You can take our online assessment test for self-assessment. Ask your test-related questions on our Facebook and WhatsApp groups and get them answered instantly from our expert teachers. 



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