Frequently Asked Questions

What is M.I.A?

MIA is a comprehensive online learning platform for Intermediate students both Sindh & Punjab board. This consist of recorded lectures,animated videos, virtual lab etc., covering the entire subject. With this platform, you can learn from anywhere anytime in affordable price.

What are the benefits of studying at M.I.A?

Comfortable and adjustable:

  1.     Schedule flexibility:

Gone are the days when students had to wait on the teacher to teach them a particular topic. At M.I.A, students can access any lecture, from anywhere and at any time. This also means that now both regular or private students have the opportunity to study no matter what their schedule is.

  1.     Ease of accessibility:

Lectures can be accessible for students when they need it. You can repeat and review lectures, ask questions, discuss, explain and comments. you can also share notes with each other to help facilitate community learning.

  1.     Control study time:

Student can control their study time. At M.I.A the topics are broken into maximum 25 minutes or less so that a student can take time to absorb all the information. Unlike traditional classroom settings in which students have to follow rigid time schedule: 45 minutes to 60 minutes above per class.

Cost effective:

      1.      Affordable fees:
Quality education is provided at an affordable fee.

  1.     No commuting charges:

M.I.A helps to eliminate the transportation charges as the students do not attend the lecture physically.

Student’s improvement and enrichment:

  1.     Self-paced learning and efficiency:

At MIA, any student can learn at his/her pace. Self-paced learning helps student to grasp the idea at his mental processing ability. (KEEP OR DISCARD? ‘’In traditional classrooms, both lower and higher proficiency level students are at loss as the teacher may go very slow which bores the student, or he may go too fast which does not clear the student’s concept’’.)

  1.     Online communication:

M.I.A gives every student a voice to discuss or enquire to clear away any doubts. Our interactive forums, enable students to pose a question when ready, keeping his individuality intact.

  1. Concept building as well as Engaging:

To keep the students interested in learning, M.I.A provides fun activity such as animations,virtual lab simulations where you can build your concepts as well as learn in a fun way.

Can I really secure A+ by studying at M.I.A?

Yes, M.I.A believes that any student can secure good grades in his intermediate exams in a relaxed manner as long as he pays full attention to the lecture, clear his doubts by watching the visuals and ask questions when in doubt. Moreover, he should be motivated for self-studying.

Is studying at M.I.A effective as face-to-face teaching and learning?

Yes, M.I.A is as effective as face-to-face teaching and learning. In fact, it could be more effective as it empowers students to take full control of their study plan without depending on others. Contrary to face-to-face teaching, MIA provides interactive simulations, virtual lab and many other exciting features that are not available in face to face teaching medium.

I am a teacher. How can I teach with M.I.A?

MIA provides opportunity to all independent teachers to host their subjects at our platform. Please sign up here: So that our contact person approach you.

We belong to XYZ Institute. How can we teach with M.I.A?

MIA provides opportunity to your institute to host your classes at our platform. Please sign up here: So that our contact person approach you.

How do I subscribe to the MIA study program?

Please click here to subscribe yourself with the MIA study program.  OR
To register, click on the subscribe button and fill out the form. Please make sure you provide all the correct data that has been asked from you.

What documents are required to complete my application process?

To complete your application process, you need:

  •         A passport image (3*4)
  •         Birth certificate or CNIC: pdf file.
  •         Recent transcript: pdf file.

How do I send my transcript?

To send your transcript online, scan your transcript (or take a picture) and convert it into a pdf file so that you can upload it.

How much time will it take to enroll myself at M.I.A?

Naturally, it will take 20 hours to process your application. Make sure you have an active network and a working Email address.

How do I know if I am registered at the site?

You will be notified through a text message which will ensure your subscription. If you do not receive any message make sure you have an active network. You will also be informed through an Email.

I have registered myself at M.I.A. what happens next?

Upon registration, you will be assigned a student’s ID. You will need your ID to select your course and participate in the online-class.

I missed my fees deadline. How do I renew my subscription?

You can easily renew your subscription by paying fee through JazzCash or credit card.

How do I access my student account?

By using your student ID you can access your student account.

Where can I ask questions from a teacher?

At the end of the course, there is an interactive forum where you can contact the teacher if you have any question.

How many subjects I can study in one day?

You can study as many subjects as you want in a day. You can play a video lecture, pause it or stop it.

How do I see my performance?

Using your student dashboard, you can look up your current performance.

In what language courses are offered?

M.I.A is offering courses in dual-language i.e, Urdu and English. Pakistani students are more comfortable in speaking Urdu. So, M.I.A believes that if subjects are taught in their native language then students will have better understanding of various complicated concepts. Thus, their pace of learning is not hampered as it would have been if these subjects were taught in English. However, to impose the structure of academic language students are also given instructions in English. Thus, it’s a Win-Win for all.

What technical skills do I need to study at M.I.A?

My Inter Academy website has been made user-friendly. However, you must have basic computer skills i.e,  how to handle a mouse and a keyboard, using internet, sending and receiving emails (questions), use forums and collaborative tools.

How can I buy a course?

You can buy the course by paying online through Credit card, or through JazzCash.

How do I pay my monthly fee?

You can pay the fee through JazzCash or Credit card.

Is everything on the site is free and open?

No, only a free month trial is provided on the first registration. In this free trial, few lectures would be opened. Once you are satisfied with the quality of our lectures, you can upgrade to the paid version for getting full access.

How do I know which course is free or paid?

Free lectures are unlocked while the paid lectures are locked.

How do I decide which package to take?

MIA offers Full Intermediate packages as well as individual courses. These packages include: Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical and Commerce. Moreover, each package consists of Compulsory subjects as well as the optional subjects. Discount is available on packages.

How can I get financial aid?

We have limited Scholarships available. Please fill out the financial assistance form here ….. So that your application can be reviewed. However, the submission of form does not guarantee that the scholarship will be provided to you.

What is gift-a-course?

Gift-a-course has a noble cause behind it. It allows you to gift the course to your loved one. You can also share the course with a deserving child by giving us the details of the child Or can let us gift-the-course on your behalf to a deserving student, as we have pool of deserving yet needy students.

How to gift-a-course?

To gift-the course, link on this link: .……

How can I be eligible for financial aid?

Financial aid is strictly available for the deserving students.  The student must meet following criteria:
(criteria should be inserted here)

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

By Using the Forgot? Link next to the password on your desktop of mobile/laptop/computer you can easily reset your password.

I am having trouble loading the video; what should I do?

If you are having trouble with the video, please make sure that you have an active internet. Preferably 1-2 Mb is required. You can also check with your service provider.

I am having technical issues with the site; what should I do?

Your first Contact should be the help desk. They will be able to sort your problem.

Send your questions. One of our representative will get in touch within 24 hours.

We envision a nursery which transforms an intermediate student into a successful candidate who is ready secure a position in the top notch institutes around the globe.

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