Key Features

Recorded Lectures

It allows you to re-watch and re-hear the same concept repeatedly so you can study anywhere and anytime.


Every video lecture includes an assessment for students to analyze where they are in the course and how much they have learnt.


At the end of each chapter, there are notes that cover all the topics and formulae comprehensively covered.

MCQ's Bank

The MCQs Bank consists of a huge bundle of MCQs, present at the end of each chapter for practicing.

Solved Past Papers

Past papers are available to help students become more familiar with the pattern of each subject and to assist them in answering questions that have been asked previously.

Weekly Session

Every week, live sessions are hosted by teachers to have one-on-one conversation with the students and solve all their queries.


Counseling sessions are held for students to guide them about their careers.

WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp groups are available around the clock to communicate with teachers about any subject related problem.

Weekly tests

Weekly tests are conducted at the end of each month to measure each week's performance.

Mock tests

Mock tests are taken at the conclusion of each month to evaluate the month's progress.

Get access to everything in this course till upcoming exam date

Get access to everything in this course till upcoming exam date