Key Features


Recorded Lectures

We provide a diverse variety of recorded lectures by expert teachers to enhance the learning experience.


Interesting Animations

Relevant animations in the videos are an integral part of a teachers lecture.


Effective Simulations

We have included simulations along with some of the lectures to facilitate the students with practical demonstrations.



Quizzes help a student in the revision of earlier concepts. They also boost student’s self-confidence to further in the course.


Progress Monitor

Since the courses are self-paced, it is very important to provide a progress monitor for students to determine the right pace.



Assignments are an important addendum to the course. They help in evaluating students progress.

Testimonial|It gives me the flexibility to do all my chores and study whenever I get free from all the work. The 27/7 accessibility feature is really good. | |YUMNA

|||Your stress-free class environment is praiseworthy. It saves time; you don’t have to run after your professor to learn a specific subject again. You no longer have to worry about driving and waiting at the bus stop to attend a class and missing an important class!| |NOOR HASSAN

|||The assignments quizzes and weekly tests help me in evaluating my progress and build up my self-confidence.| |Usman

|||Thank you, my inter academy, for the virtual classes and their feasible packages which gives a student a lot of choices.| |Sana Khan

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