How E-Learning Can Help Intermediate Students in Securing A+ Grade?

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All the intermediate students throughout Pakistan are faced with one clear problem and that is the lack of teaching methodologies. Many Pakistani educational institutes, whether Government-owned or privately managed are stuck in traditional chalk and board methods, which results in boring lessons. This type of teaching method hampers the growth of Pakistan’s educational standards.  While the cost of studying in good colleges and tuition centers are unreasonably high as it involves tuition fee, transportation fees and upkeep for the child. This can result in thousands of rupees in monthly expenditure for the parents.

Furthermore, teaching methodologies are not keeping up with rising educational standards in Pakistan. This is a minor problem that can easily be solved with the help of newly established E-learning platforms.

E-learning is an educational strategy which utilizes the concept of technology and bonds itself with conventional teaching. This gives birth to a

completely new idea of education which is totally free from the bonds of classroom regulation and curriculum. The idea of Online learning can, without a doubt, create a healthy educational environment especially for Intermediate students of Pakistan.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Online learning platform is one of the best suited solution of this major problem and in this article, we are going to discuss some features of e-learning, its benefits and how it can help students in achieving A+ grades.

1) E-learning brings flexibility

One of the biggest problems of classroom learning is inflexibility, and the E-learning platform offers this flexibility in such a way that students can study freely on their own terms.

This provides students with much-welcomed freedom of studying at any place and at any time, within their own relaxed private comfortable zone. The E-learning platform offers lectures in the form of online recorded videos, simulations, animations and gamification which results in flexibility in form of learning progress as students can learn according to their own pace, with educational progress being monitored by students themselves.  

2) Elearning brings consistency

E-learning platform is a saviour for those students who for some reason are not able to maintain the required amount of consistency within their education. The online platforms will provide educational content to each and every student 24/7 without any distraction, with content on online websites being easily accessible the students can learn according to their own pace, at any time of the day.

Moreover, E-Learning being online in nature helps students in following up their study plan, including lectures easily from anywhere at anytime consistently.

Whether students are ill or they are travelling from place to another, it doesn’t matter; as students can access online platform as long as they have an Internet connection and computer or mobile device. In this way, students can always stay up-to-date and consistent with their academic course without making much effort.

3) E-learning brings Interactivity

One of the greatest features of E-learning is that it empowers students. During classroom lectures, students have to adjust according to the teacher’s pace and if he/she misses any points from the teacher’s lectures, then those points cannot be repeated due to the limited time that is appointed to a class.

In comparison to traditional classrooms setting, online platforms are different as they permit students  to PAUSE, REWIND and REWATCH lectures as many time as they want. Some online learning platforms are also offering facilities such as an online discussion forum where students can directly contact their instructors and post queries related to their topics and get immediate answers. This creates a heartwarming and satisfactory learning experience, as students can achieve success on their own and get to be their own heroes.

4) Elearning brings affordability    

The affordability of good education is a crushing factor that had to be countered at all cost. Since this issue not only involves cost and fees of schools and teachers, but also involves their upkeep cost that is required for food and transportation. The online educational platforms are extremely effective for saving time and money, as cost of transportation is completely cut-off while subscription to these platforms can be achieved at a fraction of the price to the child’s tuition fees in conventional method.

The E-learning platforms save students and parents from these troublesome situations, because these floors are providing students with affordable, high quality and easily accessible education. Besides, they save parents from thousands of rupees worth of transportation fees.

5) E Learning brings Effectiveness

With the help of conceptual learning acquired from such websites, students can develop the ability to spend less effort in their studies while extracting better results. In addition, online websites effectively stimulate confidence and growth of a student as they acquire success that is based on their own efforts. This will discourage rote learning environment and make way for healthy conceptual based education.


E-Learning Platform benefits can be concluded with the points below:

  • Low cost.
  • Time and money saved due to absence of required transportation.
  • Achieve better results with less efforts.
  • Interactive & conceptual learning (Animations and Simulations of difficult concepts)
  • Always remain consistent and connected (Watch Lectures anywhere anytime)

These are the reasons that E-learning platforms cannot be ruled out as an option where students can acquire conceptual, high quality and affordable education. As a result, it will propel students towards their desired A1 grades.

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