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How to make mathematics your valentine in 6 simple steps?

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So many people are naturally bad at maths, and because of that, they might face many embarrassments in their daily lives.

Quick-witted people are mostly good at maths.

We should not be embarrassed about not being quick at maths; everybody has talent; maybe you are good at science or any other subject.

It’s not something that you fuss over; The ability can be gain by some techniques.

Simple maths are something that we go through every day; almost every profession uses maths daily in our lives, so we must be good at it.

Especially if you are a student, you can’t avoid mathematics, it’s written in your destiny.

Do not hassle; The article will tell you how you can make Mathematics your valentine in 6 simple steps.

It might help you get good grades in mathematics results.

#1 Practice:


Mathematics is a subject that can take longer than any other subject, and you can easily spend hours solving it.


It’s not a subject that you learn or memorize it needs practice. Practice makes the man perfect, so practice maths in different ways because every method will take you to the one right answer.


Master all the numerous ways of solving maths Before the exams.

There is no escape from this step, you need to practice solving a lot of mathematical problems in advance to do well in a Maths test.


Practice from Relevant past papers will help you get the idea of what’s important this year.


The more you engage yourself with the particular thing, the more you get an expert in it.


There is a famous quote of Elbert Einstein


“It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

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#2 Look out for Errors:

Let’s say you are practicing on something for a long time, but still, you can’t get mastery in it.

That’s why It is important to look out for error, maybe you are doing all fine, but your way of working is not neat, that’s why you get confused and not get the right answer.

Always work problems vertically when doing maths, with one step on every line.

Never work horizontally.

It may take more paper, but you will be able to follow your steps and question much more quickly.

Sometimes you are stuck on something because you are approaching it with the wrong method, so clear your concept and look for the right way to do it.

When you know where you went wrong, so next time, you will avoid making the same mistake.

#3 Clear your concepts:


First of all, maths cannot be learned, so never try to memorize it.


Instead of memorizing the process, learn the basic idea and the logic behind the process.


This will help you approach the answers quickly in the future and Exams.


Remember that Maths is a steady subject, so it’s necessary to have a firm understanding of the key concepts of a mathematical topic before moving on to work on other, more complex solutions based on understanding the basics.


Look through recent past papers and solve them; it might help you get a grip on the concept.

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#4 Don’t quit easily:


sometimes a student gets frustrated when they don’t get the right answer, or they are not able to solve the equation what they do is they quit that equation and move to the second question.


Never do that, it’s important to clear the concept and clear your doubts.


Maths is a confusing subject, and it will challenge your mind in lots of ways but never quit because you are not able to do it


Instead, follow steps 2 and 3, look for the error and clear your concept.


Fold your sleeves, take a deep breath, and start solving the question on fresh paper.


Always remember that maths demands time and patience.

#5 Create a Study Environment:


As we all know, Maths requires more time and concentration than any other subject, so sit where there is less distraction.


For example, in a library or in your personal bedroom or anywhere where people don’t disturb you.


Before all this, make sure you have all the stationery you need a rough note pad calculator, extra pencil eraser, and some snacks as a treat to yourself.


Some people also play light background music to soothe their brain cells; they say this way they are more relaxed and can concentrate more.

#6 Study Online:

We are lucky that we belong to the 21st century, where everything is easily available online.

When you are stuck somewhere, and your teacher is not present or any mentor, take help from the internet.

Studying maths online could be difficult as not always you get the thing you want.

For instance, My inter academy is an online-based platform where there are recorded lectures of Matric and intermediate subjects and the past paper, assignments, and many more things which will help you study.

You’ll find interactive quizzes and tests there too. Take help from the website, and it’s not a live session. They have properly recorded lectures from where you can play and pause according to your pace and understanding.

Now, Remember the final step, which is needed in every step, that is confidence. Be confident, energetic, and prepared.



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