How to Make the Most of your Online Classes

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The show must go on and that’s exactly what education institutes all over the world have done ever since the COVID-19 outbreak has put a stop to learning in a physical classroom.

Some schools, colleges, and universities have jumped into online teaching exploring a variety of mediums and meeting software. Some institutes were reluctant to begin, hoping for the virus outbreak to blow over. However, the last few months have made it clear that online classes are here to stay for an indefinite period of time. While we all pray for a miracle, we must prepare ourselves to embrace this change.

Challenges have been on both sides—on one hand schools, colleges and their teachers have had to re-educate themselves with using technology. The younger teachers have been faster in adapting to using gadgets and online resources. Preparing for an online class for a teacher has also been a learning curve as it requires thorough pre-planning so the 30 or 45 minutes of an online class are fruitful.

A Challenge for Students:

Yet, the greatest challenge has been for the student who once thrived in a classroom full of peers! Not only do pupils miss their friends but, believe it or not, they miss their teachers, their instructions, and mentoring as well.

When online classes began initially, you whopped in pleasure at the prospect of taking classes from the comfort of their homes. Switching off your cameras to take snack breaks was a delicious truant, let’s admit it!

Yet, as the weeks have passed and teachers have begun to demand regular assignments and assessments, pupils have begun to realize that they might have attended these online classes but they actually haven’t learned much due to their wavering focus. Especially students preparing to appear for their FSc exams in 2021 are feeling the pressure of their lengthy curriculum.

So how can a student make the most of an online class?

Here are five ways that will help you reap the maximum benefits from your virtual classes:


Maintain a Disciplined Routine

Yes, online classes give you the luxury of waking up at the last minute, taking classes in your pajamas and having a leisurely breakfast as the classes proceed, yet that is not going to help you get any sort of learning done. Try your best to maintain the routine that you followed in school or college. Wake up and shower, dress up smartly and have a healthy breakfast so you can focus in class and not have to content with lethargy or hunger pangs.

Create your Learning Space:

When taking classes from home you are prone to get easily distracted as your mom cooks and the maid cleans. You need to dedicate a space in your room, ideally at a desk, and convince your family members not to disturb you during your class timings. Shut the door to your room, with a ‘Please, Do Not Disturb’ request. Make sure your study area is a quiet, well-lit space and you are sitting upright and alert at all times. Yes, the temptation to lounge and doze may be appealing, yet, if you have a proper desk and chair with complete access to your books and stationery then there are definitely more chances that your attention will not waver.

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Use Superior Gadgets and Upgrade your Connection:

It can be very annoying if your device won’t load or your connection is slow or poor. Disconnecting from the class is a sure shot way for you to get frustrated and loose interest. It may be a big investment initially to get a laptop, headphones, and a fast internet connection but will serve the purpose of the online forum. Having a sound technical backing will help you explore and get used to online platforms that professors use for quizzes, discussions, or assignments. It may be wise to get certain apps that will help you in tracking time, taking notes, or setting a schedule or reminders.

Display Willpower:

Your friends might be texting you on Whatsapp or you may be tempted to scroll through Instagram or Facebook, but resist the urge. Tell your mind to focus on the task at hand and concentrate on your online class and keep your phone away. If you are attending class on your phone rather than a laptop or tablet, then this might be harder but it’s not impossible.

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Set a Revision Routine:

It is vital to note down points as the teacher explains in the class. You can go through these notes and the topics that have been taught in an online class on the very same day in the evening. This will not just help you recap the concept but will help you realize if you have actually grasped the idea. If not, it might be a good idea to discuss it with a classmate or even jot it down to ask the teacher the next day. Making a revision or group study schedule in the evening, viewing the recording of the class, or even watching learning resource videos online to reinforce your learning will be fruitful.

The video resources available at My Inter Academy are an ideal technique to clarify and reinforce concepts learnt in online classes. You can use them for your revision or as an aid when group studying online with your mates. The simple bilingual explanations led by energetic teachers aided by graphics and visual aids will make your learning experience a memorable one. Sign up with My Inter Academy and liaison with your partners in academic progress.

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