Intermediate Solved Past Papers Vs Coaching Center Notes

Intermediate Solved Past Papers Vs Coaching Center Notes

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Intermediate Solved Past Papers Vs Coaching Center Notes

The past paper book is a pandora box of success, where your dreams of academic excellence can become a reality.


You do not have to defeat Kraken to achieve an unbeaten record. Neither you have to use 100% of your brain cells. 


Instead, all you have to do is let your hippocampus do its job and rote learn the answer to all past papers queries and voila it’s done perfect grades. 


Especially within the current educational environment, which has remained virtually the same for the past 35 years. 


But it is not as easy as it seems because contrary to popular belief learning from past papers is a very underused technique. 


Because students usually prefer to study notes.


Which students purchase them form local coaching centers for an insane amount of money.


All the while, they have a cheaper alternative right in front of their eyes, which are solved past papers


Although this statement is half true because not all educational boards of Pakistan are as lazy as the Sindh board


Therefore if you are an intermediate Sindh board student, then lady luck is smiling upon you, while for FSc students, not so much.


But if you could bear with me for 5 minutes, you can answer as well. So without further ado, here are seven reasons why solved past papers are better than notes.


Reason 1


Instant answers to instant questions


There is no better way to pursue your studies when you are short on time; the solved past papers provide you instant answers to all your queries. 


Although they are not 100 percent correct, you can get an idea of what kind of answer you should be writing in your paper. 


If you are a 1st year or 2nd-year pre-medical student where the theoretical topics dominate your studies, you can just memorize the answers given in your past papers book. 


If you are a pre-engineering student, then do be mindful as you have to opt for an added effort.


There are a lot of numericals in our 10 years past papers, but they are certainly not credible, as they do not explain each step of the solution in detail.  


Practicing the physics and mathematics numericals directly from past papers is like playing Russian roulette you do not know which question is providing you a correct and which one is the death of you.


Hence, it is extremely ill-advised to follow a past paper solution instead of practicing them yourself and tally the answer from the internet.


Reason Number 2

Past Papers are notes on Steroids.


Notes can be treacherous. They can be overwhelming as well.


With information overflowing from all sides, it is impossible to concentrate on the things that matter the most. 


On the other hand, notes can give you specific info on the dot. 


Many intermediate students, including myself, often face a situation where we are ill-prepared—even the night before our exams.


Hence the past solved papers act as a powerful steroid that can be used for instant preparation.


Reason Number 3

One Pager


One-pager is a term for a document that gives you the information you need on a single piece of paper.


This type of information is present in our past papers, which can assist you in acing your section B of your examination. 


All the while, you can also get a bonus in the form of MCQ, which you can rote learn from the past papers hence giving you a solid start for your intermediate examination.


Reason Number 4

 The Law Of Laziness: The Past Papers are directly proportional to New Paper


The laziness of education ministry play’s an important role when it comes to how we solve our papers.


For example, it has been almost 25 years since something new has been introduced to our education system. 


We are now getting used to seeing age-old questions repeating on our test papers, hence contributing to the rising popularity of the past papers.


So these are the 4 reasons why past papers are more popular than the notes, do you agree? Let me know your opinion.

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