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MDCAT 2020 (Things we need to know)

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So finally, you have got the date For MDCAT, and the wait is over… but you all might be secretly wishing it to get delayed more.

But again, till how long you are going to run from it.

The latest date admission test in Lahore is announced by UHS (university of health sciences), which is 18 October 2020; hopefully, the date won’t extend this time.

And as for Karachi, the date is still not confirmed yet, leaving students in chaos again.

But probably it will be held in the third week of October.

Now you know that the entry Test is near, gear up. But Before that, let’s recall the basic things we need to know about MDCAT 2020.


Criteria of MDCAT 2020

The PDMC ENTRY test will announce the date, and they will follow the standard approved by them.

Entry test is mandatory for all the students of pre-medical who are seeking admission in Medical and dental colleges in Pakistan and judged PMDC standard.

Here are the criteria provided by UHS for MDCAT Punjab.

Students who have cleared FSc or any other equivalent study program with at least 60% are eligible for appearing in MDCAT.

The eligibility requirements for MDCAT Pakistan for students from all over the country are the same.

All the admission for medical and dental programs conducted by medical universities will be regulated as per the provisional government’s Policy.

A quick guide to Prepare Smartly for MDCAT

Now you know the criteria, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Here is a quick guide for preparing smartly in the last days.

1) First and most important, don’t panic!

2) Manage your time like a pro.

3) Go for clearing your concepts first

4) Use flashcard methods to learn facts and figure

5) Use the highlighter to mark important things in a book and also in your notes.

6) Smartly follow the past papers.

7) Test yourself by giving MCAT mock tests.

8) Take care of your health by sleeping on time and eating healthy food because a fresh brain is directly proportional to optimal thinking



Now the most important thing we need to know before appearing for MDCAT is following the SOPS of corona in the exam hall to be safe and secure.

  • Keep one hand distance from each other
  • Wear your mask
  • Sanitize your hands frequently

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