3 massive mistakes that students do during Aptitude Preparation

3 massive mistakes that students do during MDCAT | ECAT Preparation

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Preparation for ECAT and MDCAT is vastly different from how you prepare for your intermediate examinations.

Hence, it is not farfetched to make mistakes during your preparations. 

The Aptitude courses are much more professional as compared to intermediate, 9th class, or 10th class courses.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see students not get confused with what to do? 

Or how to effectively tackle the courses.

Furthermore, every university has its own unique criteria and schemes for conducting ECAT and MDCAT examinations.

This also fans fire to the complications and hinders the student’s progress.

Many students who do not have anyone to guide them end up studying for the wrong course for the wrong university.

That is why despite seemingly a simple look the aptitude courses can be a real pain for those who are unprepared.

Therefore, as an experienced senior here I am telling you about 3 major mistakes that students make during their MDCAT and ECAT preparation


Mistake Number 1:- Consider ECAT and MDCAT as important as any other exam

“Yawr Inter Clear Kar liya hai toh yeh kya cheez hai” 

This is the mentality of thousands of Aptitude aspirants, and also the reason why a good deal of students fails to clear their aptitude examinations.  

The biggest difference between the two courses and exams conducted for both of them is the reach of concepts. 

Almost all the intermediate courses are based on avid memorization. 

While aptitude courses are completely opposite, they require quick and conceptual preparation. 

To which many intermediate students are not accustomed.

Hence resulting in low grades or failures.

That is extremely important to take your aptitude preparation as seriously as any other test preparation.

Mistake Number 2:- Underestimating the importance of Past Papers 

The past paper must always be your go-to plan for first-hand preparation.

Whether it’s for MDCAT Preparation or ECAT Preparation

the past papers play’s an equally important role in both categories of examinations.

And it is extremely foolish to ignore them.

So if you’re late for your preparation or you’re just preparing on the night before your ECAT, MDCAT examination.

Then the solved past papers will act as your strategic ICBM, by helping you succeed in on go.

Mistake 3:- Not Considering online sources

There are some aspects of your ECAT and MDCAT courses that can only be salvaged through online sources.

Sources like youtube and Vimeo are a treasure trove of online courses.

On these sites, you can access a vast variety of aptitude courses recorded by excellent instructors.

Hence it will be an extremely stupid decision not to consider these courses and videos as a potential source of ECAT and MDCAT courses.

Whilst if you have some money to spare while preparing for your aptitude courses then you can register for an online institute.

Institutes such as My Inter Academy, campus.pk, or neerpeer are some of the best platforms when it comes to Online aptitude preparation.

They are affordable (Just 2000 Rs per course), 24/7 available, and easy to use.

These features will greatly help you to achieve a splendid level of preparation in a staggeringly short amount of time.


So here are the three big mistakes that you have to be careful of while preparing for your Aptitude examinations.



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