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Why teach a thousand when you can teach a Million

July 14, 2020 3:57 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In this global community, we are collectively sharing the existence of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


The sudden epidemic and accompanying social isolation is something that most of us have never been through.


As a result, it causes all of us to feel anxious, confused, unsettled, and worried about the future and especially about our youth’s future.


At the same time, the spread of the virus teaches us some valuable lessons about global connectivity – the downsides and the upsides.


In the sense of communication, advanced technology allows us to stay connected and do our work at home and study at home with ease.


Everyone is turning towards E-learning. It’s high time for schools to bring Educational Evolution by bringing a whole new meaning to the teaching system with the help of private E-learning companies.


It is predicted that all school colleges and universities will stay closed for a long time. In Pakistan, Corona positive cases have crossed 240,848.


Our response to this situation has been the same old traditional and partial lockdown, which is the smartest of all.


The lockdown resulted in the disruption and displacement of education for over 1.5 billion children worldwide.


In Pakistan’s case, we face additional risks when it comes to preserving recent gains in education-related opportunities, especially for students from vulnerable families.


However, in the whole world, schools are now slowly gearing up to re-open and resume activities by sitting at home.


This article will explore what schools should do for the well-being of children’s Education in Context Covid-19 and schools’ closure.


The first part of our national challenge is to prepare our schools for adapting to the best Technology based business.


Pakistan is already behind in education; therefore, studies of children should not be disrupted, but rather enhance in the wake of these times.


Schools should look forward to the Companies which could help them to ensure an effective and better education system.


It is essential to provide support to schooling systems to face the challenges we want them to lead through.


Moving toward online Classes and E-Learning, it is critical for them. Some school leaders have a unique insight into the Pandemic, and some of them are being quite innovative and resourceful during this time.


We have found some school leaders to be overwhelmingly welcoming new ideas for online classes. But They might not know some powerful Technologies like glass Technology use of the internet in conducting Exams, online courses, and giving assignments.


School can get engage with website Developers and online education platform to bring the change in their teaching Methods and schooling system.


Some online educational platform from which the prominent one like My inter academy offers opportunities for our current Queries.


My Inter-Academy an endeavor to ensure that a significant chunk of students from our society would Ace their intermediate Sindh Board and Punjab Board exams.


We usually observe that the daily commute consumes a lot of our time, which is one of the significant setbacks of conventional learning; therefore, making education accessible from anywhere anytime has been the main objective of My Inter Academy.


Since we live in a society that is financially incapable of affording high-quality education, we believe that this solution will prove to be an affordable means of learning for the masses.


So with the Help of My Inter Academy, all Schooling System of Sindh and Punjab Board could fill the gap created by the Pandemic, and the loss students are facing in studies.


Schools should recommend platforms like My inter academy to ensure the best future of student career.


It provides students with a secure and effective online learning platform where they can take online video lectures and tutorials at their own pace and time. Together they can make a promising future for students of Pakistan. 


The process of gaining and spreading knowledge will never stop. The crucial thing now is to pull together as a community and help those in need of support to ensure our future generation does not miss out on vital educational opportunities.


Soon we will look back upon this tough period as a time of huge social, economic, and technological transformation. A transformation that had humans at the center, where Technology was deployed at speed and innovation happened at scale.

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