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If you are struggling with your studies and think its hard to get an A+ grade, you must join this workshop organized by My Inter Academy.

Benefits of this Session:

  • Establish approaches for students to develop skill in their studies.
  • Designed strategies to help students managing time during the paper.
  • Tips and tricks to help students understand what they should do to avoid failure in real time situation.

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    Session Hours:

    Date: Saturday 24th October 2020
    Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Venue: The Set School Campus 1, Federal B.Area Block 10, Karachi

    Session Leader

    Ms. Shafaq Shaikh

    Ms. Shafaq Shaikh is a dedicated and devoted teacher. The zeal about her subject is a clear manifestation that chemistry is all about concepts and basic learning. She has acquired her degree in Organic Chemistry subject from the University Of Karachi. Her steadfast behavior has allowed her to use skills of teaching and delivering knowledge wisely in order to make her students assertive enough through the aid of visual learning. Besides that her constant motivation and hard work with students is a key to achieve desirable grades.

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